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March 23, 2017

Council members discussed a suggestion from town clerk Gail Kiesz that the parking along the side of the community center be changed to angle parking. The reason for the change was that large pickups in particular take up too much of the roadway when parked facing straight in toward the building. Since the roadway is also a designated truck route, future issues could arise. Deciding that the issue needed more study, the council opted to table it until the next meeting.

Odessa Cemetery

Cemetery issues were raised by public works director Rod Webster who said some new headstones indicating the location of “cremains” (cremation ashes) are in the way of maintenance trucks. Mayor Lois Hubbard also lamented the fact that the columbarium installed at the cemetery specificially for housing cremains is not being used as much as had been hoped when the council opted to purchase it.

Webster suggested that the additional undeveloped cemetery property will likely need to be worked on soon. Required will be flattening of the soil and installation of a sprinkler system to expand the cemetery which is approaching its capacity limit.

The cemetery committee will look into the creation of a designated cemetery fund to handle donations and will also develop a policy for use of the donated funds.


The annexation issue was tabled pending a response from the town attorney who is reviewing the legalities involved.

Public Works

Webster reported that the newly purchased street sweeper is working very well and that sand distributed on icy streets over the winter was being collected and used as temporary fill for many potholes around town. More long-lasting remedies for the potholes would have to wait for better weather, he said.

He also announced that town cleanup days this spring will be on April 20-21. More information will be provided by the town closer to those dates.

Spring Cleanup Days

April 20-21>/center>

Webster requested that council members write to their state legislators asking them to reinstate the revolving trust fund for municipal public works projects. The fund has been depleted as the legislature has seen fit to use it for other needs.

Energy savings

Mayor Hubbard reported that her most recent meeting with Apollo was quite unsatisfactory. Changes that had been made to the scope of work had been changed, as had the amount of savings to be expected, to the tune of $10,000. At that point and with the application deadline looming, she said she decided that it was not something she was comfortable with and told them she would not sign the necessary documents.


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