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McMorris Rodgers says she backs Trump agenda


March 30, 2017

To the Editor:

She said what? Yep, on national TV, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers said of President Trump, “I trust him. He is shaking things up.” Well, we must agree that he is shaking things up by cutting 3 million from meals on wheels for needy citizens, yet spends 3 million each weekend on golf jaunts to Florida.

He shakes us up with his pattern of lies, such as falsely accusing President Obama of wire-tapped his phones, costing taxpayers to investigate and show he lied. A president who gets his intelligence briefings from watching television, not intelligence briefings from the United States intelligence agencies.

We are all literally shaking to think he and members of his campaign and administration have been under FBI investigation since July for possible collusion with the Russian government concerning interference in our presidential election.

He needs 54 billion more for defense, 2 billion of that for nuclear weapons but plans to cut the departments of education and environmental protection.

This president has the lowest approval rating of any president, yet Representative McMorris Rodgers says, “”I trust him.” The real questions are why does she trust him and why should we trust her as our representative in Congress?

Patricia Bates



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