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By Lois Hubbard
Mayor of Odessa 

Mayor's report

Spring update from Mayor Hubbard


Spring has finally arrived and with it come some new developments and some new challenges for the town.

We have set up a Cemetery Improvement Fund that can accept donations for the maintenance, beautification and expansion of the Odessa Cemetery. We have looked into creating a Cemetery District, but without a large endowment to fund the district, this is difficult to do. By creating a fund we can accept donations from individuals and families that want to see the cemetery maintained as a beautiful spot for our ancestors and loved ones. We are preparing to expand the cemetery to the west on property the town owns. The available plots are becoming limited. We added the columbarium in 2016 as another option for cremated remains, as well. The fund will aid us in developing this expanded area as well as maintaining the existing area. The full description of what this fund will be used for is available at the town clerk’s office. I encourage any families, near and far, to consider making a donation to our new Cemetery Improvement Fund.

With all the extremely wet weather we’ve had this year, we have a new crop of potholes and road damage. Governor Inslee has declared Lincoln County part of a disaster area, and FEMA money will be made available. We will be applying for funds to repair some of this damage. Please be patient with us as we develop a plan to deal with our bumpy roads. The town crew and engineers have been mapping out the roads with damage, and we will be addressing them. Some warmer weather will definitely help with these repairs.

The town crew has also been busy replacing broken grinder pumps. Our sewer system has aged to the point that equipment has reached or passed its life span. Unfortunately, these repairs will likely continue as more pieces break down. We are applying for a grant to develop a comprehensive sewer plan that will enable us to apply for larger grants to address these issues.

The yard waste dumpsters have again been placed around town. Please remember that these dumpsters are for yard waste only and that does not include tree branches. Tree branches have to be removed by the town crew manually before the dumpsters are emptied. Also, it is important not to overfill the dumpsters. If the lids are open the contents will blow into other residents’ yards. If a dumpster is already full, please look for another one with some available space.

We will be starting a major water system upgrade construction project, probably in June. There will be disruption in the downtown area south of First Avenue and around town as water lines and meters are replaced. Again, we ask for your patience as we make these much needed repairs.

Finally, as of today we have six applications for lifeguard positions at the pool this summer. We have not received an application for a pool manager. This is not enough lifeguards to operate the pool, and the hiring of a pool manager is critical. The manager does not have to be lifeguard trained. If you know of someone who would make a good pool manager or lifequard please encourage them to apply.

Enjoy the long awaited sunshine and have a wonderful spring.


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