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O-H co-op proposals


Odessa’s proposal

Plan A

• High school football practices at Odessa with the exception of first week (without pads) and week prior to the game being held in Harrington.

• One high school football game remains at Harrington

• Junior high football games and practices at Odessa.

• Junior-high and high-school track at Odessa (if Harrington adds equipment and facility improvements, this could be changed for junior high).

• Junior high and high school volleyball and basketball remains the same at 50/50.

• One more high-school basketball game at Odessa.

• Junior-high and high-school baseball at Odessa.

• All tennis and golf at Harrington.

• Cheerleading – practice site depending on participation.

• Costs split 60/40.

• Plan to be reviewed annually.

Plan B

• Cooperative is dissolved in current format. Harrington athletes may participate in Odessa sports programs (football, basketball, volleyball, track, baseball, softball) for three years without a user fee.

• Cooperative is dissolved in current format. Odessa athletes may participate in Harrington sports programs (golf, tennis, cheerleading) for three years without a user fee.

Harrington’s proposal

Option A

• High school football practices – accept current Odessa proposal.

• Junior-high football practices – 50/50 if there is even a single player from Harrington.

• High school and junior-high basketball practices – all three teams in play (high school boys, high school girls, junior high boys) need to rotate through all three gyms on a weekly basis. Junior-high games will happen in whichever gym they are practicing that week. High school basketball games will continue as is with the extra game remaining in Harrington.

• Junior-high track – Harrington will improve the field for next year and practices will be 50/50 as long as there is even one player from Harrington.

• The rest of the sports will remain as they currently are.

• The athletic director position will revert to a shared position – co-equals – one from Harrington and one from Odessa. The Harrington AD evaluates Odessa coaches, and the Odessa AD evaluates Harrington coaches.

• The AD positions will report directly to the superintendents, not the principals.

• There will be a mandatory meeting of ALL coaches at the beginning of each year.They will meet with both ADs and both superintendents to set the tone and the goals for the year.

• Coaches will no longer decide where they practice. The ADs and superintendents, together, will make the decision regarding where practices will take place.

• Coaches must have a mandatory parent meeting and provide all relevant information to parents at the beginning of the season – no later than the first practice of the season.

• Each coach will be required to visit BOTH schools prior to the season to actively recruit players. Every year.

• As a cooperative we will DEFINE, clearly, our philosophy and expectations for middle school sports and for high school sports.

• It will no longer be acceptable for any coaches to speak disparagingly in any way about either school – going there for practices, students, staff, community, etc. Any such words spoken in front of students will result in being released from their coaching contracts. There can be no tolerance for this behavior. If a coach hates another school/community enough to speak about it to students, then they don’t need to be coaching in our cooperative.

Option B

Dissolve the cooperative between the schools. This will require an agreement on how to effectively and equitably divide assets.


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