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Our bahama cruise

Mother-daughter trip is full of fun


My daughter, Jena Meise has been selling LuLaRoe clothing for about a year now, and what a great experience LuLaRoe has been for us. Recently, I was blessed to go along with her on a cruise to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands, a cruise she earned by selling LuLaRoe.

We set sail on April 30, 2017 out of Port Canaveral, Fla. Once our room was ready we headed that direction to put our luggage inside. When we entered our room, we were welcomed with some fun LuLaRoe Swag and a very nice welcome note. On our first night of the cruise we were again welcomed, but this time be the owners of LuLaRoe Mark and Deanne, at LuLaRoe’s fourth birthday party, with birthday leggings and all. It was amazing to see all the consultants who had sold enough to make it on the cruise. LuLaRoe had so many consultants qualify for the cruise, that they had to have two cruises. The first cruise was in February and was only LuLaRoe consultants on a Carnival Cruise ship.

Anyway back to our cruise, our first stop was on May 1 in Nassau, Bahamas. This was the least favorite of our three stops. Perhaps we weren’t in the right area, but people were trying to force their merchandise on us everywhere there, and that got a bit ridiculous. Back on the ship that night was our first themed dinner night, which involved elegant attire. It was kind of fun getting all dressed up and going to dinner, not something that you do every day.

May 2 was our first full day at sea, so we decided to go and listen to a presentation put on by the cruise staff about “How to shop for jewelry” in St. Thomas and St. Maarten. We were hoping to have a better experience at these two stops then we did in Nassau. The LuLaRoe theme dinner that night was Sadie Hawkins, which was kind of fun. We almost wore matching pug leggings to dinner that night but decided not to at the last minute.

Port stop number two on May 3 was St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here, we decided to put those new found jewelry shopping skills to work, and boy did we. The scenery there was beautiful, blue skies, colorful antique buildings that gave the town a cool vibe. We enjoyed St. Thomas quite a bit, but who doesn’t enjoy tax and duty-free shopping? Our LuLaRoe themed dinner was 80’s Night, and this was my favorite night. Jena’s “up-line” (the person who signed Jena up to sell LuLaRoe) Allison and her husband Matt joined us for dinner that evening.

May 4 was our third stop at St. Maarten, it was by far our favorite stop. The temperature was in the eighty degree range, the ocean was a beautiful shade of aqua, with blue skies and white sand beaches. Just gorgeous! As we did the day before, we put our shopping skills to the test again in St. Maarten. Got to love bling! We took a water taxi from our port to the town we went shopping in, which was located just off the Captain Hodge Pier. Jena was bound and determined to get her cousin’s husband, whose last name is Hodge, a shirt for Christmas, but to no avail. The themed dinner that evening was LuLaRoe Supply Night, which is any shirt that says LuLaRoe on it.

May 5 and 6 were both spent at sea. We spent most of May 5 in training sessions put on by LuLaRoe, which was a great tool for Jena, and very motivating to say the least. Oh, and I suppose we spent some time in the casino that was on board, as well.

The theme of the dinner that night was Black and White Formal Affair. Again it was fun to get dressed to the nines for dinner. On May 6, we decided to do something fun and took a jewelry-making class. Had I known it was also available to take the day before, I would have gone to that one as well. I guess it pays to read the on-board pamphlet they delivered to our room every evening.

There was no dinner theme that evening, but LuLaRoe instead had a closing reception on the boardwalk for consultants and their guests. That night we dined with Allison and Matt and two teammates of Allison, Stacey and Melissa. Dinner was entertaining with that group of people, to say the least.

Our cruise was aboard the Royal Caribbean ship, the “Oasis of the Sea.” It had 16 different levels; the ship was HUGE. Our room was located at the front of the ship with the helicopter pad right outside our window and we were able to watch as we cruised along. The food was wonderful and we were able to go whenever we wanted. Jena scouted out the ice cream machine, and after that we made sure to stop there at least once a day. All the staff on the ship were very friendly.

One evening we came back to our room and there was a bat hanging from our light, a bat made of towels that is. Our stateroom attendant made us an elephant, dog, bat and then something neither of us could figure out – someone at the beach, or a baby, we will never know.

Overall, the cruise was grand, and we want to save up so that Marty (PaPaRoe) can experience a cruise as well. And, of course, Jena would like to earn another cruise with LuLaRoe. So if you are looking for some comfortable clothing, feel free to look Jena up on Facebook at LuLaRoe Jena Meise.


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