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Letter to the Editor: CMR's contradictions on health care puzzle writer


To the Editor:

Is it window dressing, bait and switch, or kabuki theatre? Our Representative for the 5th District in Congress, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, is sponsoring legislation to provide three more years of funding teaching health centers to draw medical students to complete residencies in isolated or underserved rural and urban hospitals. She has voted against Obamacare (ACA) more than 50 times and then voted for Trumpcare (AHCA) which will basically cut Medicaid to many rural residents, so people will not be able to afford their medical services. Yes, they might have “access,” but can’t afford their care. There may be doctors available, but patients can’t afford their visits. How can anyone make sense out of her contradictory positions? We informed constituents can’t ask her, because she doesn’t hold town hall meetings, and her contact office number routes callers to a circular menu of options. Try email or snail mail, and there is a form letter response for every issue. We need a representative who is accessible and maintains consistent positions that promote the welfare of all.

Nancy Street



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