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Area harvest is now in full swing


--Photo courtesy of Susan Jensen.

Aaron Gies drives combine in his family's fields near Odessa Monday, as harvest in the Batum area continues and works its way toward the northeast as each day passes.

In a normal year, the canola harvest would be finished by now and even the subsequent wheat harvest would be winding down. This year, the long winter has led to concurrent harvesting of canola and wheat. Farmers and their families are extremely busy.

By all accounts, the northwest wheat harvest is turning out very well in terms of quality and quantity. The only caveat – low prices. The large harvest worldwide has left no shortage of this commodity.

Better weather, with rain forecast in the northern Plains and on into the corn belt, means crops there will not be as poor as once thought. Stocks are up and the dollar is down. Gold is down despite a weaker dollar. As OPEC urges it members to reduce production, crude oil is up.

The weather is the main driver of the commodities markets right now.

So Odessa area farmers are very pleased with the crops they are bringing in but not so very pleased with the prices they will be getting for them at sale time.


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