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Navy SEALs train near Odessa


August 3, 2017

Navy SEALS were in the Odessa area recently, using the property of Tony and Pam Williams for training purposes. The group spent four days in the classroom prior to heading into the field to practice sharpshooting accuracy and the use of modified M-16s.

Through a friend of a friend, Tony Williams was put into contact with the people in charge of the SEALS, who were looking for relatively remote areas in which to offer the training to instructors who will then go on to train others.

The SEALS are certainly not known as publicity seekers, so there are no pictures of their Odessa-based activities. Now that the visitors are long gone, Williams said he saw no reason to remain secretive about why those visitors were here and that he and Pam were able to accommodate them in small-town Odessa “out in the middle of nowhere.”


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