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August 3, 2017

Sheriff's Report


Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, July 24: A group of about seven teenagers all dressed in black prompted a report from a caller asking for a deputy to respond to the vicinity of Regent Avenue and Millmont in Wilbur.

Sprague ambulance personnel assisted an 84-year-old Sprague woman who was reported to be “in distress.”

Creston ambulance personnel transported a 73-year-old man who had suffered a possible stroke from the 500 block of Jump Street to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

No one was reported hurt after a vehicle was involved in a rollover collision on U.S. 2 about six miles west of Almira.

A deputy investigated a Davenport area man’s claim that a woman made threats to post a nude photo of him online unless he “paid her off.”

Avista Utilities workers handled a report of a natural gas incident in the 400 block of West Glover in Harrington.

A Davenport woman reported receiving five fraudulent checks in the mail, each in the amount of $970, but she had no idea what they were for. A local bank voided all of the checks.

Someone stole children’s bicycles from a residence in the 400 block of SW Regent Avenue in Wilbur and shortly afterwards left them behind at the end of the street.

Tuesday, July 25: Sprague ambulance personnel and the Washington State Patrol responded to a rollover collision involving a pickup truck on I-90 near the westbound Sprague rest area.

A Bald Ridge Road resident reported a package of about $150 worth of face cream she expected from UPS never arrived, although the company assured her it had been sent.

Wednesday, July 26: Responding to a residence on East Fisher Road, emergency medical personnel from Reardan and Davenport assisted a 70-year-old man who had lost consciousness, perhaps from heat stroke.

A caller reported finding a rope around the neck of a yearling cow in a field adjacent to Bly Road in the Harrington area.

A deputy observed rocks flying from a gravel truck traveling on SR 28 near Odessa with its tailgate down. A few rocks struck the patrol vehicle, causing a dent and breaking the windshield. The truck driver received a citation.

An Odessa area man reported receiving a fraudulent IRS call that included threats he would be arrested.

Individuals struck a natural gas line while digging in a yard in the 500 block of Main Street in Davenport. Local firefighters responded with Avista Utilities personnel.

Responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the 400 block of Poplar in Sprague, deputies discovered and took possession of a stolen weed eater valued at $300 and an extension cord valued at $100.

National Park Service personnel were advised that a houseboat got stuck on a sandbar at Hawk Creek by Seven Bays. With the tide going out, operators of other boats found themselves in similar circumstances. They were advised that tows couldn’t be done and that they would have to try to dig themselves out.

Thursday, July 27: A deputy responded to a report that a vehicle had driven into the Davenport Vision Source building at 506 Eighth Street.

An Edwall woman was transported from her residence on Oregon Street to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport after suffering a possible stroke.

Three residences were threatened by a half-acre field fire near D Street and Poplar in Sprague, to which local firefighters responded.

Several kids were observed firing guns near residences in the 500 block of NW Armstrong in Wilbur. A responding deputy found an adult was on scene at an empty field with a berm behind the target.

Dispatchers learned of a reported dispute about placement of signs on North First Street in Harrington between a local resident and a driver working for Avista Utilities.

An Almira woman reported someone used a debit card for an unauthorized $206 transaction.

Odessa Police investigated a theft at a Wilbur motel and a possible burglary in the 100 block of South 4th Street.

Reardan Police investigated a report that someone drove up to a house in the 100 block of West Broadway and threw a rock at a window, breaking it.

Friday, July 28: A caller reported someone in a pickup truck threw a rock at his car while both were traveling on SR 28.

A barking dog may have thwarted an attempt by four individuals to break into a farm storage building in the 200 block of SE May Avenue in Wilbur used by Cenex/Ag Link, Inc.

An attendant at the Lincoln County Museum in Davenport discovered an unsecured back door, an open safe and an empty donation jar.

A quantity of hand tools and cordless power tools were found in a ditch adjacent to Sherman Draw Road about a half mile south of U.S. 2.

Damage occurred to a trailer that was struck by a van in a Grand Coulee mobile home park.

An electric fencer was taken and cut wires left behind at a residence in the 400 block of North G Street in Sprague.

Dispatchers received two reports about a man who appeared to be passed out in front of the Tribune Smokehouse and the former bowling alley in Davenport.

A Harrington woman reported the theft of pain pills from a residence in the 300 block of North First Street.

A Davenport man reported the theft of an 8-foot stepladder from a residence in the 600 block o Main Street.

Odessa Police and local ambulance personnel transported a woman to the hospital after she wandered away from a residence in the 400 block of South Alder Street after telling dispatchers she woke up and saw a man was holding a gun to her head and threatened to kill her and her two young children.

Reardan Police responded to a report that a passenger vehicle had backed into a semi-tractor/trailer at the intersection of U.S. 2 and SR 231.

Saturday, July 29: A request for assistance from Almira firefighters was withdrawn after residents of the 100 block of South 5th were able to douse a fire in a propane barbecue unit.

A hit-and-run collision involving two vehicles was reported at the intersection of Fitness Lane and Fourth Street in Davenport.

A Sprague man told dispatchers that his signature on legal papers he received from City Hall had been forged.

National Park Service personnel checked out a report of a possible campfire or bonfire at the mouth of Hawk Creek.

Sunday, July 30: A caller was concerned about “a lot of smoke” coming from the vicinity of Ross and Tenth streets in Davenport. A responding deputy discovered it was from an approved barbecue unit.

No injuries were reported as a result of a two-vehicle collision on U.S. 2 near Roby Road west of Wilbur, but one of the drivers involved received a citation from a deputy.

A caller reported seeing a pig escape from Stockland Livestock Exchange in Davenport and come across the highway as she was driving by on SR 28. A responding deputy assisted in the pig’s apprehension.

An Edwall woman found two brown horses with white trim on their noses walking along Cloverdale Road.


July 26: Chelsie Conica, 25, Spokane, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for failing to appear for possession of methamphetamine.

July 27: Shaun A. Gaines, 32, Moses Lake, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

From July 24 to 27, seven individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections, along with one under contract with the U.S. Marshal’s Service and one under contract with the City of Airway Heights.

Court Report


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Civil Judgment

JJ Solutions, Inc., must pay $13,552.61 in unpaid taxes to the Washington State Employment Security Department.

New Criminal Cases

Jacquelyn Amber Glaze, 36, of Spokane Valley, is charged with first-degree theft in connection with the loss of $9,640.28 allegedly taken between April 6 and Dec. 21, 2015, from cash registers at Davenport’s Subway restaurant, where she worked as a manager.

David Takashi Zeno, Jr., 24, of Granite Falls and/or Pasco, Wash., is charged with second-degree burglary, second-degree theft and second-degree taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission in connection with a March 5, 2016, incident at Buddy Boy Farms near Reardan. A quantity of marijuana and a vehicle owned by a Reardan man were stolen. Originally filed in Adams County, the case was transferred to Lincoln County on July 20.

Brian James Petersen, 40, of Spokane, and Michelle Kay Tallman, of Medical Lake, are charged with the theft of a vehicle in connection with the May 22 removal of a tractor from its owner’s field and its use in an attempt to tow a couple of vehicles from where they had gotten stuck on a muddy Magnuson Road near Reardan.

Rick Dean Ambers II, 28, of Ritzville, is charged with five counts of second-degree burglary, five counts of residential burglary, three counts of third-degree theft and a count each of theft of a motor vehicle and third-degree malicious mischief in connection with incidents on May 24 and 25 on property adjacent to Weizel and Hopp roads in the Odessa area. He is currently in the Adams County Jail in Ritzville.

New Civil Case

Irwin Law Firm, Inc., and Christal Olivia Irwin, of Colville, seeks public records requested from the Ferry County Commissioners and Prosecuting Attorney in April and July of last year that pertain to the county’s contracting for criminal defense services in its District Court. In their paperwork, the petitioners accuse the prosecuting attorney, Kathryn I. Burke, of using “stalling tactics” in the non-delivery of the requested records.


Estate of Linda D. Lasley, of Bickleton, Wash., who died April 7.

Estate of William David Wellington, a Spokane County resident, who died May 1.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Sara Lynne Thomas, Hartline, speeding in a school zone and cell phone use while driving, both contested and found not committed.

Carrie Lee, Sprague, speeding (18 mph over limit), $187 penalty; improper lane usage, $120; speeding (20 over), $187.

Kylee Hosking, Davenport, operating motor vehicle without current or proper registration and plates, $110.

Daniel T. Ryan, Portland, Ore., speeding (33 over), $250.


Lincoln County Auditor’s Office

Zachary William Eldred, 31, and Paris Nicole Malet, 26, both of Davenport.

Aubree Anna Blue Tiffany Amber Clark, 41, and Mark Jude Star, 59, both of Reardan.

Michael David Hickman, 46, and Julie Marie Phillis, 35, both of Reardan.

Jacob Jackson Curtis Neufeld, 32, and Cristine Villasista Miguel, 30, both of Reardan.

Patrick Stephan Notter, 25, Post Falls, Idaho, and Brittany Nicole Klingforth, 25, Beaverton, Ore.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings: 58 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 1 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

Winnie L. Pul, Edwall, to Jody Seyler, Laurel, Mont. – portion of Secs. 1, 12 and 13, T24N, R39E, gift.

Earl Lee Justice and Kathy Lynn Justice, Wilson Creek, to Jennifer Goetz, Odessa – west 85 feet of Lots 11 and 12, Blk. 15, Original Town of Odessa, $15,000.

Richard Jarvies and Sylvia Jarvies, Cody, Wyo., to Lawrence P. Barnett and Rita E. Barnett, Moses Lake – west half of Lot 19 and all of Lots 20-22, Blk. 21, Original Town of Creston, $98,000.

Jackie Knapp, Medical Lake, to Luke C. Elmore and Rachel Elmore, Spokane – portion of Lots 13 to 16 (inclusive) in Blk. 1, Original Town of Reardan, $85,500.

Roosevelt Lake Ranches at Lincoln, Inc., Mountain View, Calif., to William LeRoy Penwell and Joni Lynne Penwell, Prosser, Wash. – Lot 10 of The Plat of the Glens at Lincoln, $69,000.

Roosevelt Lake Ranches at Lincoln, Inc., Mountain View Calif., to Carla Hoffert, Malaga, Wash. – Lot 30 Roosevelt Lake Ranch Division 1-B, $45,205.

Richard Dreger LLC, Creston, to Craig Lynn Wohlsein and Valerie Ann Wohlsein, Wilbur – Lot 11, Blk. 3, Roosevelt Views Subdivision, $40,000.

Barry Peacock and Vivianne Peacock, Sioux Falls, S.D., to Robert B. Truppner, Grand Coulee – Tract A6-B, Indian Hill Short Plat, $330,000.

John W. Trantow, Quincy, Wash., to Ann E. Trantow, Quincy – Lot 49, east part of Lot 48 and Lot 50, Hanson Harbor Secs. 13 and 14, $0.

J & T Heider Farms LLC, Ritzville, to Mark Schoesler and Ginger J. Schoesler, Ritzville – portion of Sec. 21 and 29, T21N, R37E, subject to easements, $0.

William E. Qurada, Jr., Spokane, to Michael Walker and Shellie M. Walker, Reardan – portion of Sec. 30, T27N, R39E, subject to easement, $40,000.

John F. Smith, Davenport, to Chelsee Lee Kieffer, Davenport – Lot 1 and east 40 feet of Lot 2, Blk. 7, Dillon’s Addition to the City of Davenport, north half of adjacent vacated alley, and 2007 mobile home, $145,000.

Ronald D. Stiles and Rebecca J. Stiles, Wilbur, to Frank C. Rueff and Kelly E. Rueff, Almira – portion of Sec. 7, T26N, R33E, $232,500.

William J. Hagen (personal representative, estate of James Carl Hagen), Waynesboro, Pa., to Maura Sermeno, Odessa – portion of Sec. 8, T21N, R33E, $48,000.

Lenora I. Peterson and Gordon R. Peterson, Lincoln, to Robert W. Koch and Anita L Koch, Ravensdale, Wash. – Lot 16B, Replat of Division 1-A, Roosevelt Lake Ranch, $250,000.

Carol J. Buddrius, Harrington, to David S. Buddrius, Harrington – portion of Secs. 31 and 32, T24N, R31E, subject to easements, gift.

Mary V. Oliver, Rockford, to Keith Kolterman and Rebecca Kolterman, Odessa – Lots 7 and 8, Libsack Addition to the Town of Odessa, $2,000.

Sean D. Moriarty and Farrah Ann Brittain, Sprague, to Mark R. Rundell, Sprague – Lot 3 (except west 10 feet) and Lots 4-8, Blk. 35, the Addition to the Town (now City) of Sprague, $62,500.

Phillip K. Webb and Jeana M. Webb, Battle Ground, Wash., to Tricia M. Rux, Davenport – Lot 9, Blk. 23, Timmon’s Second Addition to the City of Davenport, $116,000.

Hollye M. Gunter (formerly Keister), Tacoma, to Joseph Oliver Bissonnette, Odessa – west 50 feet of Lot 1 and north 10 feet of west 50 feet of Lot 2, Blk. 15, Original Town of Odessa, $28,800.

Michael J. Butler and Lisa M. Bednar-Butler, Allyn, Wash., to Mark T. Qualley and Jody L. Qualley, Spokane Valley – Lot 9, Blk. 1, Plat 4, Seven Bays, $315,000.

Kodiak LLC, Tacoma, to Michael J. Press and Robby Lynn Miller, Seattle – Lot 3, Partridge Lane Short Plat, $110,000.

Glenna J. Zwainz, Reardan, to Jack B. Kellum, Reardan – Lots 7 and 8, Blk. 16 of Fairweather Addition to the Town of Reardan, $195,000.

Michael W. Brooks and Sallie I. Brooks, Creston, to Mario Boiorquez and Jacqueline Salazar, Spokane – portion of Sec. 11, T26N, R34E, $25,000.

Jonathan P. Rose, Bainbridge Island, Wash., to Benjamin T. Ellison, Sprague – Lot 5, Blk. 45, The Addition to the Town of Sprague, $40,000.

Thomas E. Ferro and Kathy L. Ferro, Davenport, to Denise J. Hoffman, Reardan – Lots 14, 15 and 13 (except east 25 feet), Blk. 67, Morgan’s Addition to the Town of Davenport; portion of vacated Harker Street west of Lot 15; and 1978 mobile home, $186,000.


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