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Chuck and Ellen Van Hevel


September 7, 2017

--Courtesy photo.

Chuck and Ellen Van Hevel

As summer is winding down and we are headed toward fall, I notice the summer flowers slowly fading and the fall flowers starting their entry into the wonderful world of beauty. Along the pathway, I also find two beautiful people happy to share their story.

Chuck and Ellen Van Hevel and their faithful companion dog named Moupher have lived in Odessa for five and a half years. Chuck has a sister who lives in Soap lake and Ellen has a sister who lives in Chewelah. In 2006, they bought Henry Hopp's old cabinet shop with the intention of building a house on the property. Over time, on their visits to Odessa, a house came available that they purchased it and moved in.

Chuck was born in Detroit and raised in Arizona until his sophomore year in high school when he and his family moved to southern California. He graduated from Clover City High. After high school he went into the navy and was a sonar man. He did two tours of duty in Vietnam, serving on the USS Preston. After the navy, he worked for Marquardt corporation where the first jet engines were built. He also worked on Jacques Cousteau's research ship, the Calypso.

Ellen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in Danville, Ill. Then her family moved to southern California, and she graduated from North Hollywood High School.

Chuck and Ellen met in southern California. They went on their first date on November 3, 1969, became engaged that Christmas Eve and married in July 1970. They have been married 47 years and are still going strong.

They lived in Arizona before moving back to California when Chuck's father became ill. They moved to Springfield, Ore. in 1986.

Ellen worked for an insurance company, and later she and Chuck both worked for the local telephone company. Chuck retired from the Comcast cable company where he had worked for many years.

Chuck keeps Henry Hopp's old cabinet shop busy with his woodworking projects. He made a lamp out of a 100 year old lilac tree and many other awesome pieces. He is also a fisherman and hunter.

Ellen is a paper crafter of lots of projects. Her handmade greeting cards are beautiful as is her handwriting on the cards. She goes fishing with Chuck and she sews and reads.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting them you can stop at Chiefs Bar and Grill and say hi on any Friday night where they will be hanging out with friends and having a good meal. Until next time, enjoy life!


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