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47th Deutschesfest ready to welcome visitors


September 14, 2017

Welcome to Odessa and the Odessa Deutschesfest. This is our town’s moment to shine and to show our hospitality to the many guests who visit us.

The festival began in 1971 and is now celebrating its 47th year. New generations take over the tasks associated with it from their parents and grandparents. This year especially, a cadre of younger residents and former residents have joined forces to give the festival some updates and new life.

So what’s new this year, some of you are likely to ask. One of the biggest changes will occur in the Biergarten, where the use of tokens to purchase beverages and food has been adopted. Things should run more smoothly on the business times inside the Biergarten, since the bartenders will be dispensing beverages but not having to deal with cash, making change, etc. at the same time. Token booths will be manned continuously to facilitate exchanging cash for tokens. Credit cards will also be accepted at one of the token booths.

Also different this year is the main entrance to the Biergarten itself. It has been moved around the corner to the north side of the building. The main sign for the Biergarten that is attached at the northeast corner of the building has been cleaned up and repainted. The new entrance is well lighted and well marked, so visitors will have no trouble finding it.

The reason for this change was installation of new equipment inside the community center which made the former entranceway too closed in. As happens every year, the Biergarten facilities are cleaned and refurbished and repaired wherever necessary, and this year much was necessary. The long, harsh winter resulted in broken piping and broken toilet fixtures which required extra time and money to get back into shape.

The Youth Garden is back this year under the direction of Kaylene James. It will be housed in the Old Town Hall, where there will be table games of various kinds, snacks and beverages for the kids. Give your appreciation to the volunteers who will be overseeing these activities.

We hope all enjoy the Fest. Stay safe, drink responsibly, enjoy yourselves.


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