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Deputies raid illegal marijuana grow


September 14, 2017

--Courtesy photo.

An illegal marijuana grow in Mohler was busted last week by Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputies. Two were arrested.

On September 6, 2017, Lincoln County Detectives and Deputies served a warrant just south of Mohler in Lincoln County, Sheriff Wade W. Magers reports. The search warrant was served for an illegal marijuana grow which in part was visible from the county roadway.

Deputies arriving on scene detained several suspects and an explanation of the process and warrant service was given. The illegal marijuana grow turned out to be substantial with over 171 large plants growing both inside and outside of a large green house. In addition a large amount of processed marijuana was recovered inside of outbuildings and the primary residence.

The suspects had a sophisticated laboratory inside one of the outbuildings and inside the residence that consisted of grow lights, beakers, burners, pumps, siphoning equipment, ovens, dry ice and numerous other items used to extract the THC oils from the plants to make illegal pills and eatable forms of marijuana. The suspects also had numerous weapons, a large sum of cash in various denominations and approximately 100 pounds of processed marijuana plant material in addition to the large illegal grow operation.

Sheriff Deputies spent many hours recovering evidence from the scene and processing the large volume of illegal product from the outside grow to include scales, packaging material and the sheer volume of marijuana. Arrested at the scene for manufacturing with intent to deliver and booked into the Lincoln County jail were Haden M. Groh, 25 years of age and Travis P. Kennedy, 27 years of age.


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