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Letter to the Editor: Non English-speaking immigrants cost more


September 14, 2017

To the Editor:

After the twin towers fell, Bin Laden said that his goal was to bankrupt America. I would assume that he would be proud, as would his followers. Our debt that we recognize is twenty trillion and climbing because we keep making mistakes that would please his followers.

We keep foolishly allowing immigrants in to our country who don’t speak English. This gives us the added expense of having five million school-aged children who must be taught English in our classrooms. That takes valuable teacher time! We must print materials in many languages because of not having a national language.

The immigration report act that was passed in 1965 was the key to opening the floodgates for the immigration tsunami that allowed 1.2 million people to enter the U.S. annually. When our nation was being built, we needed people to help us build our infrastructure. My question is, what does immigration do for us now, other than adding more expense for those of us who are established here

Millions of people would like to come to America! Who among us is wise enough to choose?

Gerald Ray



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