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Sheriff's Report


Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, Sept. 25: Several juveniles entered the Davenport city park and tossed garbage on the ground, moved trash receptacles around and “trashed” the rest rooms.

Deputies investigated reports of threats in the Sprague area.

A man lying in the roadway on U.S. 2 near SR 231 west of Reardan was advised by a deputy not to do that.

A Wilbur caller reported damage to her mailbox in the 400 block of SE Regent.

A collision involving a vehicle and deer took place near the intersection of U.S. 2 and SR 174 in Wilbur.

Tuesday, Sept. 26: Suspicious markings were discovered on a fire extinguisher box at AgLink in Almira and on a mailbox at the Almira Post Office.

Several cattle on U.S. 2 near Sam Knack Road posed a traffic hazard for a time.

Deputies investigated two possibly illegal marijuana grows.

Deputies arrested a man for driving under the influence after responding to a report that a vehicle had crashed into a ditch at the intersection of Davis and Batum roads near Odessa.

Wednesday, Sept. 27: A county Public Works employee told dispatchers that someone passed a pilot car while workers were painting lines on the roadway on Waukon Road near its intersection with Moos Road in the Edwall area.

A Harrington caller reported being the target of harassment by phone and text messages.

Responding to a residence on Euclid Road near Reardan, deputies helped defuse a day-long dispute between a man and woman.

A resident of Fisher Road north of Reardan reported an “aggressive” bull was loose on the property, had tried to go through a fence, charged her dogs and stared down a truck she drove at it in an attempt to scare it off.

Thursday, Sept. 28: A Davenport girl told a deputy that she didn’t feel safe after someone threatened to “put her under.”

Dispatchers were advised of a group of high school kids who attempted to illegally enter a building housing a planned coffee shop on Third Street in Harrington.

Deputies investigated a fraud incident involving someone who reportedly voted in two counties.

The driver of a vehicle that crashed into a mailbox on Hart Road near Teel Hill Road north of Davenport told a deputy that he looked down at his phone “for a second” before looking up to see he was driving towards a ditch.

Odessa Police investigated a report that a woman received unwanted text messages.

Friday, Sept. 29: A Davenport woman told deputies she believes her purse was stolen at Lincoln Hospital while she was in surgery.

A Harrington caller reported receiving harassing text messages.

Deputies dealt with a naked man near a van parked in the 300 block of SE Main in Wilbur. He was cited for indecent exposure.

A Sprague resident told deputies that a man fed grass clippings to her horses and was no longer welcome on her property in the 400 block of North G Street.

A collision involving a vehicle and deer took place on U.S. 2 east of Davenport.

Deputies checked into a report that a young boy with bruises on his back and legs may have been the victim of a domestic assault while visiting in the Reardan-Edwall area.

Saturday, Sept. 30: Responding to a residence on Mondovi Road, Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a 78-year-old man with breathing difficulties.

A deputy checked out a report that two teenage boys may have been prowling vehicles in the Davenport Safeway parking lot.

A man was taken into custody and one of two women hurt during a domestic dispute in the 200 block of North Second in Harrington was transported by ambulance to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

Sunday, Oct. 1: Sprague ambulance personnel responded to where a semi-truck went off Interstate 90 and transported the driver to a Spokane hospital for a back injury.

A break-in occurred at the Fort Spokane Store with entry gained through an air conditioning unit.

Lincoln Hospital personnel treated a Davenport woman for injuries suffered as a result of an assault.

An Almira woman told dispatchers she heard two men talking in her backyard in the 400 block of West Main Street and was concerned about a possible link to a recent break-in at a neighboring residence.

National Park Service personnel towed a disabled boat from the water between Lincoln and Hawk Creek to the Lincoln boat launch.


Sept. 25: Christian C. Carlson, 27, Addy, Wash., arrested by Reardan Police for driving while license suspended.

Kyle S. Greene, 29, Wilbur, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for fourth-degree assault.

Sept. 26: Kennon R. Eddy, 51, Odessa, arrested by LCSO for driving under the influence.

Sept. 29: Jennifer E. Anderson, 22, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended, reckless driving and an ignition interlock violation.

Sept. 30: Joseph T. Coffey, 41, Wilbur, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

William J. Parks, 40, Harrington, arrested by LCSO for fourth-degree assault (domestic violence) and fourth-degree assault.

Oct. 1: Jerry W. Armstrong, Jr., 41, Ritzville, serving a 15-day court commitment for fourth-degree assault.

Leah M. Spitzer, 40, Davenport, serving a 20-day court commitment for possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture and/or deliver.

From Sept. 25 to 29, 10 individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Criminal Sentencing

Richard Dean Manley, 58, Grand Coulee, pleaded guilty Sept. 28 to second-degree burglary in connection with an Oct. 27, 2016, break-in at the Wilbur Cemetery. Additional charges of possession of a stolen firearm and making and/or having burglary tools were withdrawn by prosecutors as a result of a plea agreement. His sentence includes 59 days in jail (with credit for time served), $860 court assessments, $400 public defender reimbursement and restitution to be determined.

New Juvenile Offender Matter

A 16-year-old Medical Lake boy is charged with three counts of second-degree malicious mischief, two counts of second-degree vehicle prowling and two counts of second-degree criminal trespass in connection with Christmas Eve, 2016, vandalism activity in Davenport that left two Davenport School District buses and a Midland Electric utility truck with extensive damage. Windows and mirrors were smashed out of both buses, and a camera was thrown from one, resulting in about $10,000 damage. A potential buyer that had offered $500 for them withdrew its offer. Windows were broken out of the Midland Electric truck that was parked near the school bus garage yard.

New Civil Case

In a personal injury claim, Karl M. and Cleo C. Miller, residents of Stevens County, seek compensation from Greg C. Buchmann, of Davenport, for past and future expenses related to physical and emotional injuries from an Oct. 11, 2014, rear-end collision on U.S. 2 near Waukon Road. The claim alleges negligence and recklessness on the part of Buchmann, who was one of the drivers involved.


Estate of Karen M. Phillips, of Spokane, who died Sept. 17.

Estate of Dean H. Melville, of Lamont, who died Sept. 8.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Marion Simone Cleary, Grand Coulee, operating motor vehicle without insurance, contested, found committed, $190 penalty.

Michael Leonard Drechsler, Spokane, speeding (16 mph over limit), $187.

Margot Grace Strout, Spokane, fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $140.

Eugene M. Olson, Nine Mile Falls, speeding (21 over), $156.

Zachary Robert Rowland, Newman Lake, speeding (10 over), contested, found committed, $136.

Marlie Lyman Rose, Harrington, open alcohol container in vehicle, $110.

Jacob Darryl Price, Spokane, speeding (30 over), $259; operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190; fail to sign, carry or display vehicle registration, $110; display changed or disfigured license plate, $110.

Robert Roy Coppersmith, Grand Coulee, probation violation (driving while license suspended), 3 days jail converted to 30 hours community service.

Domingo Tomas Montejo, Shelton, Wash., probation violation (driving while license suspended, operating vehicle without required ignition interlock), 3 days jail converted to 30 hours community service.

Austin Jay Frank, Grand Coulee, probation violation (minor in possession), 5 days jail plus 3 days from original sentence.

Charles Patrick Moses, Wellpinit, probation violation (no ignition interlock), 1 day jail converted to 5 hours community service.

Edvin Norman Johnson, Colville, probation violation (driving while license suspended), 3 days jail converted to 30 hours community service.

Orlando Gutierrez Najera, Bridgeport, Wash., probation violation (driving while license suspended), 3 days jail converted to 30 hours community service.

Finhas S. Abraham, Seattle, speeding (30 over), contested, found committed, $259.

Christian C. Carlson, Addy, Wash., probation violation (driving while license suspended), 3 days jail (1 credited as served, 2 converted to 20 hours community service), $202 court assessments.


Lincoln County Auditor’s Office

Monica Nicole Wilson, 27, and Isreal Benjamin Tyrel, 27, both of Airway Heights.

Shinna LaJean Rosman, 32, and Terrence John Harding, 35, both of Sprague.

Micah William Sweet, 23, Post Falls, Idaho, and Annastacia Rose Poling, 21, Liberty Lake.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings: 64 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 2 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

James Martin Bias, Seven Bays, to James M. Bias and Patricia M. Bias, Seven Bays – Parcel 2 of Fry’s Plat to Seven Bays, Plat No. 1, $0.

Roosevelt Lake Ranches at Lincoln, Inc., Mountain View, Calif., to Charles Michael McQuade and Sylvie C. McQuade-Ritschard, Issaquah, Wash. – Lots 14, 17, 18 and 37, Roosevelt Lake Ranch Division No. 4, $400,000.

Bruce Chamberlain, Spokane, to Jeffrey J. Piton, Spokane – 1970 12x60 mobile home, $0.

Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association), Dallas, Texas, to Richard Stoddard and Susan Stoddard, Odessa – portion of Lots 5 and 6, Blk. 35, Schorzmans Addition; Lot 5, Blk. 35, Finney and Pattee’s Addition; and Lot 6, Blk. 35, Pattee and Lyons Addition, to Odessa, $48,600.

Maynard L. Watson and Peggy Jo Watson, Lincoln, to Leon Dennis Sojka, Clackamas, Ore. – Lot 30, Roosevelt Lake Ranch Division No. 4, $380,000.

Barbara Young, Davenport, to Byron C. Muonio and Julie A. Muonio, Battle Ground, Wash. – Lot 5, Sun Pine Acres and 1979 14x56 and 1973 70x14 mobile homes, $0.

Shawna M. L. Ericson, Airway Heights, to John Hardin and Margaret M. Hardin, Deer Meadows – one-half interest in Lot 19, Deer Heights Plat No. 2, $0.

Buddrius Farms LLC (undivided 83.33 percent interest), Harrington, to David S. Buddrius, Harrington – portion of Sec. 27, T22N, R36E, $0.

David S. Buddrius (undivided 83.33 percent interest), Harrington, to Ginger LLC, Harrington – portion of Sec. 27, T22N, R36E, $0.

Rocky Boutain and Victoria Boutain, Almira, to CASA 4 LLC, Almira – Lots 1-4, Blk. 37, Town of Almira, subject to easements, $0.

Marjorie Irene Carnes (personal representative, estate of Charles Alfred Carnes), Amanda Park, Wash., to Marjorie Irene Carnes (trustee, Marjorie Irene Carnes Trust), Amanda Park, Wash. – undivided one-half interest in Lots 6 and 7, Blk. 18, Finney’s Addition to Odessa, $0.

Marjorie Irene Carnes, Amanda Park, Wash., to Marjorie Irene Carnes (trustee, Marjorie Irene Carnes Trust), Amanda Park, Wash. – undivided one-half interest in Lots 6 and 7, Blk. 18, and Lot 8, Blk. 19, Finney’s Addition to Town of Odessa; and portion of Sec. 8, T21N, R33E, $0.

Lanway Lakeview Heights LLC, Davenport, to Inna Slupachik, Kennewick, Wash. – Lot 5, Lakeview Heights Division 2, Phase 1, $21,000.

Marsha Kempf (formerly Reister), Radene K. Wyborney and Terry L. Reister, Wilbur, to Raquel E. Ruzsa, Wilbur – Lots 8-10 (except east half of Lot 8), Blk. 14, Yount’s Addition to the Town of Wilbur, $129,900.

Guild Mortgage Co., San Diego, Calif., to U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Oklahoma City, Okla. – Lot 22 and south half of Lot 21, Deer Heights Plat No. 1, $141,152.52.

Mark M. Tanninen and Diane C. Tanninen, Battle Ground, Wash., to Douglas Tanninen and Heather Tanninen, Davenport – Lot 5 and east half of Lot 4, Blk. 8, the Southern Addition to the Town (now City) of Davenport, $80,000.

Paul Taylor, Spokane, to Calib Ross and Ashley Ross, Wilbur – Lots 15 and 16, Blk. 3, Reeve’s Addition to the Town of Wilbur, $17,500.

John D. and Gisela Merriman, Malden, Wash., to Randy W. Westfall and Kathleen A. Westfall, Sprague – Lots 1 and 2, Blk. 21, First Railroad Addition, City of Sprague, $6,000.

David L. Hiler and Joleen J. Hiler, Davenport, to Jaymie L. Bennett and Andrew J. Bennett, Davenport – east half of Lot 4 and all of Lot 5, Blk. 15, Original Town of Davenport, $190,000.

Traig T. L. Weishaar and Carmen Weishaar, Odessa, to Leslie M. Sheckler, Creston – Lot 4 and north half of Lot 5, Blk. 19, Finney’s Addition to Odessa, $75,000.

Raymond A. Mattox, Davenport, to Tim J. Clark, Davenport – Lot 2, Rocky Top Estates Phase 1, $195,000.

Sharon Bonar (personal representative, estate of Marie C. Roloff), Snohomish, Wash., to Jose Reyes and Kellie S. Reyes, Ephrata – east 35 feet of Lots 7 and 8, and east 50 feet of south half of Lot 9, Blk. 12, Original Town of Odessa, $24,500.

U. S. Bank National Assoc., Owensboro, Ky., to U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Nashville, Tenn. – Lots 4-8, Blk. 22, Town of Harrington, $81,080.41.


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