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Letter to the Editor: Super-sizing ourselves out of small businesses


October 5, 2017

To the Editor:

When I was a young boy, small business was the backbone of America. It was necessary to have because of gas rationing. Soon after the war was over, the business world decided bigger was better. Supermarkets soon followed, and Ike completed his highway program. Smaller businesses soon disappeared and super stores like Toys R Us appeared, and they were considered too large to fail. However, the evil monster "Debt" overtook Toys R Us and they became the 19th super large retailer this year to seek Chapter 11 protection. Mail order or computer shopping has claimed another victim. I know that it seems easier and logical to order from your easy chair because most items are less expensive and they are delivered to your door. A very large number of people are losing their jobs nationwide because of closing stores. Statistics show that people whose self-esteem is affected by job loss often turn to drugs like heroin if they can't find a new job.

Also, can you image contacting a giant like Amazon for a donation to a local charity?

Gerald Ray



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