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Hello, Amy Pressnall


November 23, 2017

--Courtesy photo.

We are in the season of Thanksgiving as far as the calendar goes. To me, giving thanks is an everyday thing, as I take in the wonder and beauty around me. James and I still marvel at, and are thankful for, Odessa and the wonderful people who make up this place. I don't believe that will ever change. Again, thank you, Odessa, for your love and acceptance of us.

Now let me introduce you to Amy Pressnall who just moved to Odessa recently. I met Amy while I was taking a walk one day in October, and she was having an inspection done on the building she was in the process of buying. So I stopped and introduced myself.

After she moved to town on November 7, I was able to talk with her again, and she happily agreed to share her story. Amy was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, an eighth-generation New Mexican. In 1962, she moved with her parents to Washington state and lived in the Seattle, Auburn and Federal Way areas until her move to Odessa. Her mother was an antiques dealer for 40 years, and they were partners for 26 years. A sister living in western Montana is planning to visit Amy soon. Her parents have both passed on.

She also worked at Atlantic Richfield in Federal Way as a manager for 10 years. Her love of animals led her to breaking horses for four years. She tells me her love is dealing in antiques and she also loves old buildings and purchased a 1908 craftsman era house and remodeled it in keeping with that era. Amy says antiques are like the fashion world, constantly changing. She informed me that at this point in time the "In Things" are weird and different, such as industrial metal and taxidermy. Later on it might swing back to grandma's old dishes and aprons, then on to something else. She loves what she does and embraces the changes as they come.

In her two-year search for the town and building of her dreams, she looked in western Montana and all over Washington. She was also looking for wheat fields and a peaceful quiet place to live. She found Odessa and the old fitness building (and former church) and fell in love. Her antiques are currently in Fife, Wash. at an antique mall, but in the spring she plans on moving them over to her new building. Her business will be open five to six times a year to begin with.

Supporting local business is a priority with Amy, and she plans on doing all the business she can here in Odessa. So if you happen to see her on the street or in one of the places of business, stop and say hello. Or, come spring, stop in at the antique shop and let her know who you are.

Welcome to Odessa, Amy.

Until next time, enjoy life!


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