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Science lab at OHS receives $1,500 grant


November 30, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Jeffery Wehr, Odessa High School science teacher has been awarded a grant for $1,500 to purchase a shaker table for the science lab, which will assist with chemistry and biology experiments. Wehr teaches at a rural school, where access to research labs is extremely limited. Over a third of the students in his program are low income.

The Society for Science & the Public is helping six STEM teachers purchase much-needed equipment and services through $20,000 in grants. In total, the Society has provided $120,000 in grants to STEM teachers during 2017. Earlier this year, the Society gave $100,000 to 23 teachers.

Through the STEM Research Grant Program, funded by Regeneron, the Society supports teachers who are leading students in authentic STEM research projects, enriching multiple students and supporting low income or underrepresented students.

“I’m in awe of teachers and what they are doing in the classroom today, but they need more resources,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of the Society for Science & the Public and publisher of Science News. “I am thrilled to help these six innovative teachers and provide them with the resources to purchase the tools they need to engage the next generation of STEM leaders.”

Teachers from around the country received STEM Research Grants to fund equipment, such as starter kits for computer science, equipment for science fair clubs and classrooms, a zebrafish breeding system for science experiments, general laboratory supplies and laptops for science research and learning.

STEM Research Grants

The STEM Research Grants provide one-time grants to educators to help fund equipment or other experimental materials needed to complete research projects, or travel necessary to bring students to locations where they can complete their research.


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