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Cruel beginning has happy ending for LuLu


January 4, 2018

Although the rest of my family met her Wednesday night, I first met LuLu (although she was nameless at that time) the morning of Thursday, December 28, when I went to our laundry area to make sure she was still alive. When I opened the door, I was greeted with the sickening sweet smell of infection and a wagging tail that was attached to a sightless pup so emaciated I was instantly brought to tears. My first thought was, "How could anyone be so cold-hearted and cruel to a puppy?"

LuLu was found in the Ritzville area by a friend almost frozen (she was covered in so much ice and frost she looked like a piece of sagebrush) and starved, sitting next to the remains of another pup that hadn't lived.

At that time we assumed they'd both been been shot and left for dead.

After the person who found her went through a tank of gas while driving around trying to warm up the poor puppy, she was brought to our house and left in our care. My significant other put her on some blankets inside a tote wrapped in heat tape and plugged in a radiator heater to help warm the room.

Our main concern that morning was to get her to a veterinarian, but without a way to get her there we contacted two of the biggest dog lovers we know, Karen Carlson and Tammy Tokas. I sent pictures and explained the situation, but explaining LuLu's condition and seeing her condition were two entirely different things. Words could not convey what the eyes saw.

When Karen and Tammy saw her they wasted no time getting a kennel and blankets together while calling the vet at the same to get her an appointment. They were there and gone within 20 minutes.

The vet couldn't exactly judge LuLu's age because she was so emaciated and weighed only 11 pounds. She is definitely less than a year old, probably about 5 to 6 months old was the best guess. Following x-rays, it was discovered that she had been shot by either a low caliber gun or pellet gun not just once, but twice, leaving exit wounds right below the left eye and behind one of her ears (which had abcessed). He also found her eyes to be atrophied, so unfortunately she is blind.

However, LuLu came home from the vet with antibiotics, a feeding plan (40 calories the first day, 80 calories the next day and 160 calories the following day and so on). The new owner, Karen, is keeping her for the time being as well as the name LuLu given to her by Tammy.

When Marilyn Carlson saw her she commented, "Lucky LuLu is more like it." Hence, the nickname Lucky LuLu.

It saddens me to think that someone can be so cruel as to treat an animal the way LuLu was treated. But how fortunate she is to have a new lease on life. She is one puppy with a strong will to live. To have survived for two to three days in the cold and ice after being shot and left is a miracle in itself. She has spirit and the best part is she still trusts people.

LuLu goes back to the vet on Thursday for another check-up. If you are interested check back next week, I'll let you know how it goes.


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