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Letter to the Editor: Is political correctness being taken too far?


January 4, 2018

To the Editor:

Changes, changes, changes. Amendments, appeals, initiatives, etc. in politics, the culture/media/society of our state/county/country/world.

Voting is just the first step. Now we need to communicate, directly (phone, townhall meetings, lobbying) or indirectly with a letter, telegram, electronic means.

Perhaps your editorial letter(s) and your group (Lions Club, Grange, Eagles, school board, etc.) will make a difference. Get the media behind you!!

Sometimes changes can be bad or not so good. It wasn’t until 1920-1921 that women’s suffrage/voting rights finally kicked in. On the other hand prohibition lasted some 19 years (1919-1930), until our sometimes unfair/unjust government woke up.

There are supposed to be three distinct/separate branches of government: Legislative, executive and judicial, with checks and balances. At times, there are questionable executive orders, the Supreme Court overruling orders, filibustering, pork-barrel attached riders, etc. Hmm, I thought there was the line-item veto option.

Equal opportunity/civil rights/human rights, etc. can be/is a good deal. But, perhaps political correctness and the transgender “thing” have gone too far?!

Errol Kramer



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