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Letter to the Editor: Look in the mirror, says letter writer to GOP pols


January 18, 2018

To the Editor:

Can anyone explain President Trump’s and the Republicans’ hostile positions on immigration? Several of our country’s leaders have/had foreign-born wives, think Trump (Czechoslovakia, Slovenia), McConnell (China), Mnuchin (Scotland). At least one of these wives came to this country under questionable legal status.

Melania Trump has several immigrant relatives living in the U.S. What is their citizenship status? Did they benefit from “chain immigration?” Furthermore, Trump’s mother was foreign born (Scotland) and came to the United States after her Scottish sister arrived. President Trump, in fact, has immigrants in his own home, in his own family.

I really don’t think that Trump’s attitude and behavior towards immigrants leads to harmony in the country or harmony in the family. To argue hostile positions against immigrants, such as the Muslim ban, cancelling temporary protected status for Salvadoran and Haitian refugees and sending them back to their home countries or rescinding DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), does not unite Americans but rather divides us.

Where are our values and compassion? If we are a Christian nation, which many Republicans argue adamantly, who is abiding by Jesus’s Commandments: Love God and love your neighbor? Country or race was not mentioned.

Nancy Street



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