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New signs; breakfast with mayor Dillon Haas


January 25, 2018

--Photos courtesy of Karen Robertson.

Jen Mallery, her daughter Alexis and Susie Harding were the cooks for "Breakfast with the Mayor" last Saturday in Harrington.

Public Development


Harrington's Public Development Authority met at city hall January 16, with President Heather Slack, Paul Charlton, Jay Kane, Jay Gossett, Tim Tipton, Jill Plaskon, Bunny Haugan, Cherie MacClellan and Marge Womach attending. Discussion continued from previous meetings on the "post and panel" display sign designed by Baldwin Signs of Spokane, and it was compared with alternative bids. By unanimous vote, the Authority opted to stay with Baldwin Signs for a fee of about $4,460 plus sales tax and less the installation fee. Approximately $1,200 could be saved by having the work of pouring cement and sinking the posts done by Authority members. Slack stated that $1,600 has been raised in the community ($600 from the Lions Club and $1,000 from the Chamber of Commerce). Since half of the cost will be paid initially by Gossett's corporation, the greater portion of the expense is already covered. Additional slide-in signs may be ordered for $590 each. Tipton had contacted the state to determine if there were any regulations to be aware of prior to installing the sign. No permit is required, as it is a type 1B sign. There are no state rules for the sign except that it cannot advertise for businesses.

Slack reminded members that the Skype call between the Authority and Senator Maralyn Chase (32nd District, Edmonds) to discuss the details of the broadband project in Harrington will take place January 23 at 8 a.m. A preview will take place Saturday, January 20, at the Post and Office.

Other topics mentioned were the opportunity to earn $200 by serving the local Lions Club dinner. Slack said Authority members are signed up for January 2, 2019. The January 11, 2018 issue of The Odessa Record carried an article entitled "Pizza Factory Targets Harrington." No one was known to have signed a contract with that organization.

Discussion was held regarding the "Vacant Lot Project" in which Tipton stated that he had talked with Scott McGowan about the basement and McGowan didn't recall any of the details. There are two water mains on the property.

Breakfast with the Mayor

On a sunny Saturday morning, January 20, in Harrington a new event, "Breakfast with the Mayor," was judged a success, with a nice turnout, three cooks, the Mayor and 13 citizens, the majority of whom have lived in Harrington less than three years. Most of the newcomers moved here from the west side of the state, one originally from California. Several had no prior connection to Harrington before looking for a non-urban place to live. It was refreshing to hear how very positive these people felt about their choice to move here and about living in Harrington.

Current mayor Dillon Haas (seated) confers with former mayor Paul Gilliland following the hearty breakfast supplied by the cooks.

Dave Michaelson, senior meals chef, introduced himself and invited people to attend senior meals. After everyone introduced themselves, there was a little time for people to visit with each other. Mayor Dillon Haas brought the focus back to specific concerns people might have. Former Mayor Paul Gilliland, looking his dapper self in suit and tie, gave a short speech on Haas' willingness to learn while bringing a younger fresh perspective to the town. Haas acknowledged that he was naive as to what the job entailed when he started and that he has appreciated those willing to share their knowledge and concerns. The purpose of the "Breakfasts" is an opportunity for citizens to get together socially and share concerns and provide input informally. The breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast, old fashioned oatmeal and coffee. The cooks were Susie Harding, Jen Mallery and daughter Alexis.

Issues and inquiries included disposal of tree branches and yard waste, snow plowing leaving high berms or piled at fire hydrants, procedure for large tree removal, the advantages of our artesian well for the city water supply and what the community's plans are if the power grid were to go down.

"It was wonderful to spend some time getting to know one another better. A very productive conversation followed a delicious breakfast. Good comments, suggestions, well-formed complaints and thoughts for the future," said Haas.


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