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Think the recycling bins are free? Think again!


February 15, 2018

Monday night’s meeting of the Odessa Town Council included a discussion of the recycling bins in town in which citizens are encouraged to deposit used cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and newspapers. The service was instituted several years ago when Odessa was still collecting and hauling its own waste. The tipping fees were based on the tonnage of waste delivered.

To decrease the level of waste tonnage, the town opted to contract with the Lincoln County Transfer Station near Davenport to provide dumpsters for items that could be recycled. Citizens who take recyclable items to the transfer station themselves can fill the dumpsters outside the facility’s gates at no charge.

The service provided by the station to the Town of Odessa, however, involves having a truck come from Davenport to deliver an empty dumpster and then haul a fully loaded dumpster of cardboard, for example, back to the transfer station at a cost if $200 each and every time. These costs are paid for by the Town of Odessa with your tax dollars. The other types of recyclables collected incur similar charges. It is not uncommon for the town to spend $600 per month for this recycling service. Town clerk Gail Kiesz said she sends one of the town employees to verify that a dumpster is truly full whenever she gets a call from someone in town to that effect.

Odessa’s public works director Rod Webster wanted to remind citizens that this service should not be abused. It is intended for use by the residents of the Town of Odessa only. Anyone having a load large enough to fill or nearly fill a dumpster in one go should just take their load straight to the transfer station so that others will have room for their recyclables and not have the dumpster fill up from one day to the next.


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