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From skin-and-bones to pot-bellied pup, that's LuLu


March 15, 2018

--Photos courtesy of Karen Carlson.

When rescued in December of 2017, LuLu weighed only 11 pounds.

Hey Odessa! I thought it was time to give you another update on LuLu, the brindle puppy found shortly after Christmas frozen to the ground, starving, so emaciated that even the word emaciated didn't seem to fit. The sight of her was so tragic that my heart broke every time I looked at her. I would sit and sob for what seemed like hours. She'd been shot, not once but twice, was badly wounded, smelled of infection and, to be completely honest, wasn't far from death.

Thankfully, LuLu was determined to live. Those difficult days are now behind her. LuLu is one very lucky dog thanks to our friend Mike (the person who found her), the Carlson girls, Tammy (Tokas), Karen and Marilyn, plus all the residents of Odessa who have made donations to help with her care and veterinary bills.

LuLu is doing beyond wonderful. She is thriving and happy. In fact, when I see her now I cry for another reason. Because she's happy.

Long gone is the 11-pound skin-and-bones puppy. LuLu weighed 23 pounds at her check-up last week, and those bones I just mentioned are no longer visible. Covering them is a cute little pot belly that she's developed over the last couple of months.

There is even more good news for my namesake (my brother has called me LuLu since we were kids, and I have been called Linda Lou for as long as I can remember). She is not entirely blind. She doesn't see well enough to navigate entirely by sight. When you call to her, she will look up to see what she can and get her bearings, then continue by sniffing at the ground.

LuLu today, now 23 pounds, goes nose to nose with her companion Skeeter.

She is not a shy dog either. Apparently, she had quite the experience at the pet store in Moses Lake, and the children who were there loved her.

On the farm she has plenty of company with the other dogs that are there. They all get along and watch out for each other. LuLu loves being outdoors and playing with the other dogs, but with her limited vision she needs to be supervised. Karen wants to get a pen put up for her so she can be outdoors where she loves to be but will also be safe.

I will check in on LuLu from time to time and give updates on her, but I'm sure there won't be as many stories from now on considering how far she has come in such a short time.

It warms my heart to be a part of this wonderful community and all the folks in it who made donations towards LuLu's care


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