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Wizard of Oz showcases local talent


March 29, 2018

--Photos for The Record by Lauren Crosby.

Megan Shafer sings "Over the Rainbow" in "The Wizard of Oz" musical performance by Odessa students K-12, last week Wednesday, March 21.

Last week's performance of the Wizard of Oz musical by Odessa students was a very successful event. Wednesday's performances, one during the school day and one in the evening, were well attended. Although the musical was scheduled for an additional Thursday performance, it was not to be, as the power failed around 1 p.m. and remained off all afternoon.

Fortunately for The Record, we were able to attend the Wednesday performance, where we saw a delightful production. From the sets and lighting to the voices and acting, there were very few miscues.

Under the direction of Julie Wehr, Dorothy was played by Megan Shafer, whose lovely soprano voice gave the audience a solid rendition of "Over the Rainbow." Young Anthony Wiles played Dorothy's dog Toto and he did a fine job of acting like a dog.

Kiegan Wehr was the Scarecrow, Sarina Goetz the Tin Man and Destiny German the cowardly Lion. The show's narrator, Elizabeth Hayashi, kept the story moving along in a clear, crisp delivery with all of the right inflections. Emma Caler was Glinda, the good witch, and JulieAnne Lovvik played both Ms. Switch and the Wicked Witch.

Other cast members:

Aunt Em: Kaya Curo

Uncle Henry: Evan Gonzales

Sam/Nikko: Dakota Steward

Tim/Witch Guard: Zane Hamper-Rosman

Leon: Tucker Walter

Ozmund/Wizard of Oz: Arianna German

Ozmund Helper/Oz Guard: Xavier Hicks

Ozmund Helper/Oz Boy: Brandon Nelson

Scratch & Patch (two crows): Chloe Winkler and Ella Caler

Flying Monkeys: Izaak Schmierer and Elizabeth Rodriguez

Lullaby League trio: Katie Shelton, Sandra Nelson, Alyx Scheller

Munchkin girls: Stephanie Boites-Cota, Aubrey Iverson, Oceanna Reeves, Braylyn Scheckel, Ady Scheckel, Jordyn Lewis, Aniya Anthony, Ella Schlomer, Auburn Sander

Munchkin Mayor: Austin Read

Munchkin Lawyer: David Strode

Lollipop Guild trio: Aiden Schmierer, Sawyer Walter, Nathaniel Hicks

Munchkin Soldiers: Dominic Hicks, Dominic Shrives

Munchkin Boy: Hudson Walter

Doorman: Nicklas Nelson

Emerald Girls: Morgan Sandoval, Mya Ford

The Wicked Witch of the East is dead. Hooray!

Emerald Girl Poppies: Victoria Peterson, Kenzy Kuchenbuch, Mackenzie Lutz, Serenity Hicks, Aubrey Durbin.

Handling back-stage efforts were Ceianne Mankel, Tianna Gies, Alysia Chavez, Rachel Anderson, Alyssa Iverson, Kaytlyn Shafer.

Community members also contributed to the production.

Mandi Braun, set design and hair; Ryan Shafer, set design; Jeff Wehr, sound; Angie Hayes, costumes - tutus; Kerry Scheller, costumes - lullaby; Lecia Fink and April Steward: Hair and makeup; Dani Vesneske and Sandi Smith: Backstage costumes; Maria Manley: Art class props.

For those who had counted on attending the Thursday performance and missed it due to the power outage, the school has recorded the Wednesday show and has DVD copies available for purchase by calling the school.


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