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By Mo Sheldon
CEO of Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center 

Wine tasting May 4


April 26, 2018

The 27th Annual Wine Tasting, Microbrew Sampling and Auction is fast approaching. On May 4, the Odessa Healthcare Foundation will be raising funds to support a special “Eldercare Package” for Quail Court Assisted Living. Two specific needs will be met with this package: First, emergency generator support; second, a wander management system for Quail Court.

It has long been a requirement for hospitals to ensure that emergency power is available to meet patient care needs in the event of a power outage. While emergency power is not required at Quail Court, it is necessary. At present, there is no light source, with the exception of flashlights, at Quail Court when power is out. This presents challenging circumstances for the healthiest individuals, but the elderly are more susceptible to falls and are more likely to suffer serious consequences such as hip fractures when they fall. Providing an immediate source of illumination is very important to ensure the safety of these residents. Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center received a donated generator that would work well for the Assisted Living Facility, but the expense to make necessary electrical changes is expected to be in the $9,000 range.

The larger item this year is a “Wander Management System” similar to the one in the hospital. Typically a pendant or fob is worn and will notify staff when a resident crosses an exit point. Medical advances allow Americans to enjoy longer and often healthier lives. Unfortunately, the prevalence of dementia increases with age and therefore, the needs that bring patients to Quail Court are different than they were 20+ years ago, when Quail Court Assisted Living was envisioned and built for the community. Quail Court began to accept residents with dementia only in recent years, as the demand for “traditional” assisted living (caring for those who need only a little bit of help) has significantly reduced, as healthier individuals stay at home longer and those who enter the facility often are not able to stay at home due to forgetfulness. Those who suffer from memory impairment are more likely to get lost and potentially suffer harm if they leave the facility alone. This project will allow staff notification when a resident leaves the facility. This is critical for resident safety when dementia is involved.

The “Raise the Paddle” item this year will be a new medication cart for the long-term care side of the hospital. Recent developments have necessitated that certain medications be stored differently, and the various “slots” for medicine will not accommodate the new style of medication storage. As one can imagine, there are many requirements and security precautions surrounding a cart which stores many medications and is the area where the nurses ready the medications for the patients. This new method and corresponding cart will make the delivery system safer for our patients.

The Odessa Healthcare Foundation, the OMHC board of directors and OMHC team hope you will join us for this great event on May 4. It’s a fun time for a good cause.


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