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A Mother's Love


A mother’s love is something

that no one can really explain,

it is made of a deeper devotion

of deeper sacrifice, and of endless pain...

Her greatness and unselfishness and

endearing love always comes with what may,

for there is nothing any can do to destroy it,

or even come close to taking any of that love away...

Her love is patient and is always forgiving

when all others are forsaking;

it never fails or falters

even when her heart is breaking...

A mother’s love believes beyond all believing

even when world around her is falling;

that when you see her real heart in all its beauty,

and the rarest of gems really allows her to glow...

She defies all explanation,

still holds in a tiny bit about herself;

letting her loved ones in bit closer

as she reviews mysteries of the creation...

On a divine miracle of the Holy Ghost

that we men cannot understand

another amazing fact that God

must had planned this day long ago...

For the ladies so we could

celebrate them on Mother’s Day...

Steve L. Siegel

April 22, 2018

[Editor's note: We ran out of room last week for Steve Siegel's poem composed for Mother's Day. We are happy to include it here.]


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