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Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers, aware that many elderly and/or low-income residents of the area do not have access to computers or to social media of any kind, is asking area newspapers to warn people of continuing telephone scams that attempt to separate law-abiding citizens from their money. Citizens report various scams ranging from those who claim that a grandson/granddaughter has been arrested, that you owe the IRS, that there are warrants out for your arrest and dozens more.

Many Lincoln County residents have experienced these calls. They come from what appears to be a local number in one of the most recent efforts to get you to answer the phone. They may not actually be local numbers. This is a recent scam telling you perhaps that you have won a trip or a prize. Don’t believe it!

Just remember that these calls all end with the same request: Send money! We are asking you, please, please, please don’t fall for the criminal activity of these cyber/phone thieves!

Most such calls involve a common scheme and originate from outside the U.S. or are elaborate phone scams that cannot be investigated and tracked. Often you will be asked to go to Walmart or Walgreens or similar stores to load funds onto a purchased card. Then they ask you to read the numbers to them. If you do this, your money is gone for good!

Please don’t fall for these and similar scams. They all end the same way... by asking you for your hard-earned money. Keep your circle of elderly friends and relatives advised of these criminal activities. If you get such a call, simply hang up!


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