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Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, June 4: Dispatchers transferred a caller’s report that someone might be breaking into the West Deep Creek Grange building to Spokane County authorities.

Responding to the Sprague RV Park, Sprague ambulance personnel assisted a woman who fell and was unable to get up.

Responding to the Four Corners area, Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a 1½-year-old boy who wasn’t breathing, transporting him and his mother to an area hospital.

A Davenport woman requested assistance from law enforcement after becoming upset that her adult son removed items from a garage in the 700 block of Marshall Street.

A caller reported two dogs were chasing animals on property adjacent to Porcupine Bay Road North.

A Wilbur woman told dispatchers someone had used her debit card number in an attempt to purchase $400 worth of merchandise.

Tracking her cell phone, Yakima police advised Lincoln County deputies that a 17-year-old girl who had made suicidal statements may be on her way from Yakima to the Wilbur area.

A Washington State Patrol trooper arrested an “extremely intoxicated” driver after an alert citizen noticed him with children inside his vehicle parked at the Sprague Chevron.

Reardan Police intervened in a dispute between residents in the 300 block of Cottonwood Avenue about where trash cans ought to be placed.

Tuesday, June 5: Inmates were involved in painting the interior walls of the county jail.

An initial request for an ambulance was withdrawn after deputies determined that a couple found “passed out” inside a vehicle parked in the vicinity of Third and Park streets in Davenport were only sleeping.

A caller reported a cougar killed a cow in the Mill Canyon area northwest of Davenport.

An Odessa caller reported that a family member was breaking things inside a residence on East Weber Road. A responding deputy found no probable cause for an arrest.

A vehicle struck a deer in the vicinity of Miles Creston and Bachelor Prairie roads.

A loose bull posed a possible traffic hazard on U.S. 2 near the Telford rest area.

Wednesday, June 6: A deputy offered a woman a courtesy ride to Airway Heights after discovering her walking with a bed sheet along U.S. 2 about two miles east of Davenport.

A malfunctioning fuel line leaked gas from a FedEx truck onto U.S. 2 about a half-mile east of the SR 231 intersection.

A responding deputy was unable to find an African-American man who was reported by two callers to have been yelling profanities while walking around the 200 and 300 blocks of Washington Street in Davenport.

A caller reported a RV sewage hose had dropped onto the roadway in the vicinity of Ditmer and Zeimantz roads.

Responding to the 10 block of SW Lincoln Street in Wilbur, a deputy checked out a report of a woman and her son involved in a verbal dispute.

Deputies investigated threats reported by an Edwall woman and helped make arrangements for the man involved to meet with mental health personnel.

Thursday, June 7: Heading to a Spokane hospital from the Odessa football field, LifeFlight aerial ambulance personnel transported a man with a possible back injury after he was run over by a rake in a field adjacent to Hopp Road.

A caller discovered evidence of an illegal trash dump on property adjacent to Waukon and Wagner Farm roads. Boxes and a mattress were among items left behind.

Deputies investigated threats allegedly made against a woman from the east county area.

Responding to a residence on Porcupine Bay Road, emergency personnel tended to a 79-year-old man with shallow breathing.

A deputy was unable to find the source of a “very loud” and continuous party in the vicinity of the 1400 block of Sinclair Street in Davenport.

Odessa Police helped an 11-year-old girl get to the local hospital after she took about 15 pills.

Odessa Police were called repeatedly by a 17-year-old boy who said a neighbor was “being rude” to him.

An Odessa man told police he caught people in a green Dodge pickup truck illegally placing garbage in his dumpster in the 600 block of East Amende.

Friday, June 8: A responding deputy advised a Davenport woman about the process of obtaining a court order to prevent continuing harassment of her middle school-age granddaughter.

County Public Works personnel told deputies about a possible illegal detour after he discovered traffic control signs from Spokane set up in the vicinity of U.S. 2 and Leffel Road.

Saturday, June 9: An arrest was made after a deputy made a traffic stop in the vicinity of Aspen and Railroad in Reardan and encountered what he described as “a heavy odor of marijuana” inside the vehicle.

A Wilbur man asked for assistance from law enforcement after being called names by a neighbor in the 500 block of NW Armstrong.

A caller reported two boys on motorcycles were riding without permission on private property adjacent to Teel Hill Road north of Davenport. The boys went around a locked gate and “flipped off” a landowner who tried to stop them.

A caller reported her computer had been hacked after releasing credit card information to several callers identifying themselves as associated with Microsoft and made threats against her. A dispatcher advised her to completely unplug the computer to help safeguard against hacks.

A Davenport caller reported a 13-year-old girl in the household became “combative” after receiving a text message that wasn’t to her liking.

Over a period of 30 minutes, an Odessa officer helped municipal public works personnel pick up road signs that had been taken down by strong winds.

Sunday, June 10: Sprague ambulance personnel were alerted to a one-vehicle rollover collision on Interstate 90 and, in a separate incident, tended to a female patient who suffered whiplash and a headache as a result of a collision on SR 23 and Davis Road in Whitman County.

Deputies intervened in a dispute between residents in the 100 block of Main Street in Davenport involving one of the resident’s desire to erect a fence separating two properties. The neighbors were advised to contact City Hall to determine accurate property lines before the fence went up.

An Odessa officer informed Adams County authorities about a teenage boy who had been cutting himself and may need help from mental health personnel.


June 5: Mitchell Duayn Lumpkins, 57, Spokane, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Scott Michael Marshall, 33, South Prairie, Wash., arrested by LCSO for failing to appear for driving while license suspended and without required ignition interlock.

June 7: Sam Cosby Ingram, 35, Spokane, held by LCSO on an out-of-county warrant.

Justin Ray Kuhn, 22, Kennewick, arrested by Washington State Patrol (WSP) for an out-of-county misdemeanor.

Michael Raymond Riddell, 30, Spokane Valley, arrested by WSP for an out-of-county felony.

John Benjamin Scovel, Jr., 20, Ford, arrested by LCSO for driving or being in physical control after consuming alcohol (under age 21).

June 10: Miguel Zarquan Norman, 26, Spokane Valley, arrested by LCSO for an out-of-county misdemeanor.

From June 5 to 10, six individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Patrick Tuttle Tomaschke, Seattle, reckless driving, amended at prosecutor’s request to second-degree negligent driving, fined $550.

Vern Leroy Eggerud, Jr., Lincoln, violation of anti-harassment order (2 counts) and resisting arrest, dismissed due to “incompetency to proceed.”

Marty Steven Wilson, Battle Ground, Wash., probation modification (illegal shooting of firearms), probation terminated; failure to transfer title, dismissed at defense attorney’s request since title has been transferred.

Eliseo Vazquez Rocha, Cheney, driving while license suspended, pleaded guilty, $293 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation.

Dawn Marie Marchand, Reardan, driving while license suspended, pleaded guilty, $293 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation.

Scott Michael Marshall, South Prairie, Wash., probation violation (driving while license suspended and without required ignition interlock), 10 days jail (7 credited as served), $469.20 court assessments.

Carrie Lee, Spokane, driving while license suspended amended to second-degree no valid operator’s license, $250 probation monitoring fee, may be dismissed in 12 months when court’s conditions are met.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings: 51 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

Masato Iwasaki and Judith K. Fontaine, Rancho Murietta, Calif., to Steven M. and Diana J. Conser and Michael and Erica L. Conser, Yuma, Wash. ? (85367) – property at 42440 Buckhorn Drive North, Davenport (Lot 10, Deer Heights Plat No. 1), $22,000.

Kendall G. and Margaret M. Stevens, Deer Meadows, to Daniel R. and Betty J. Weigman, Spokane – property at 30355 Deer Meadows Road East, Deer Meadows (portion of northwest quarter of Sec. 6, T27N, R36E), $380,000.

John Borrett, Shelton, Wash., to Raymond R. and Candace Lindquist, Nine Mile Falls – property at 115 East 3rd Avenue, Odessa (portion of Lot 17 and all of Lot 18, Blk. 27, Finney and Pattee’s Addition to Town of Odessa), $0.

John R. and Kimberly A, Frlan, Spokane, to John R. and Kimberly A, Frlan, Spokane – boundary line adjustment involving Parcels C and D, Bradeen Short Plat adjacent to Woods Lane East, $0.

Patricia A. and Theodore L. Fest, Reardan, to Samuel A. and Dominika M. Sibley, Reardan – property at 625 East Spokane Street, Reardan (Lots 3-4, Blk. 24, Fairweather Addition to Town of Reardan), $230,500.

N. Christine Green, Sumner, Wash., to Jeremiah P. and Tristen S. Coyne, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – property at 40184 SR 21N, Wilbur (portion of southwest quarter, Sec. 7, T27N, R33E), $230,000.

Richard Dreger LLC, Creston, to Scott and Darice L. Casey, Denver, Colo. – property at 44405 Sanpoil Drive North, Wilbur (Lot 15, Blk. 3, Roosevelt Views), $57,250.

Brent R. Kissler, Ritzville, to Clinton and Bonnie Campbell, Odessa – property at 204 North Birch Street, Odessa (Lot 10 and portion of Lot 11, Blk. 18, Trantum and Schoonover’s Addition to Town of Odessa), $55,000.

Richard E. and Donna J. Sitko, Davenport, to James A. Kowalkowski, Jr., and Richelle K. Kowalkowski, Davenport – property at 1001 Merriam Street, Davenport (east half of Lot 4 and all of Lot 5, Blk. 26, Timmon’s Second Addition to Town of Davenport), $155,000.

US Bank National Association, Coppell, Texas, to Hushton J. and Marissa L. Hayduk, Odessa – property at 501 Marjorie Avenue East, Odessa (portion of southeast quarter, Sec. 5, T21N, R33E), $52,650.

Dawn M. Chapman (personal representative, estate of AJ Carl Davis), Davenport, to Jonathan G. and Dawn M. Chapman, Davenport – property at 703 Main Street, Davenport (Lot 3 and east half of Lot 2, Blk. 1, Southeastern Addition to Town, now City, of Davenport), $0.

Steve White, Spokane Valley, to Chris and Carol Green, Sprague – property at 114 West Alder Street, Sprague (Lot 10, Blk. 55, The Addition to the Town, now City, of Sprague), $7,000.

Event Advertising, Inc., Riverside, Calif., to Danny R. Tarbert, East Wenatchee – property at 45298 Hanson Harbor Road North, Wilbur (Lot 47, Hanson Harbor Subdivision), $49,500.

Seth and Jamie Nelson, Seven Bays, to Carey and Charlotte Roemer, Spokane Valley – property at 138 Airport Loop, Seven Bays (Lot 38, Blk. 1, Airport Addition to Seven Bays), $60,000.

Tracy Robertson Arceneaux and Melissa G. McCarthy (co-personal representatives, estate of George S. Robertson, Jr.), Katy, Texas, to Melissa G. McCarthy, Edwall – property at 48073 Larrabee Street East, Edwall (Lots 4-9, Blk. 1, Original Town of Edwall), $0.

Eric C. Randol, Port Orchard, Wash., to Anthony J. and Kathryn M. Fraley and Eric C. and Brenda C. Randol, Olalla, Wash. – portion of northwest quarter, Sec. 7, T26N, R36E, $0.

Tracey and Loren Keyes, Nine Mile Falls, to Bonnie J. Tompkins, Woodland, Wash. – property at 000 Oak Street, Reardan (Lots 1-4 and 5-8, Blk. 7, Original Town of Reardan), $20,000.

S.O.S. LLC, Davenport, to Richard and Sandra Mumby, Spangle – property at 42390 Doe Drive North, Davenport (Lot 31, Deer Heights Plat 1), $17,500.


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