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What we Americans stand for


I overheard two men saying at the VA hospital this week,

that we don’t stand up for anything any more.

They forgot it is the country that we all stand up for.

They forgot we do not have to stand up for a mere man.

What do you stand up for?

We’ll stand up for our fallen brothers and sisters.

We’ll also stand alongside each of our neighbors in their hour of need; we’ll stand as the flag goes waving by every time.

We’ll stand alongside any and all people, no matter where they come from, color of skin or faith, even those of no faith.

We’ll stand up for people we don’t agree with more so.

What we won’t stand for is someone who thinks he is God!

I already have a God; it sure as heck will not be just a plain old bully who respects no one.

I know I will never stand by and watch as someone,

from the government or otherwise,

takes children from their parents.

No way, no how. Not in front of me.

What will it take to make you stand up?

Also, God, I hope and pray not; after he comes for you, too?

That is my deepest fear of what could happen.

It did happen to mankind once before the same way.

The man picked a race most did not trust and

turned his countrymen to hating them.

Then it was one race after another,

as long as it was not the white race.

He needed them to do his fighting for him.

I don’t need to tell you his name.

You should already know who I’m talking about.

God bless this country!


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