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Letter to the Editor: Writer advocates for new legislative candidate


To the Editor:

If you live in the 13th Legislative District—like I do—it’s time for a change. I’m going to vote for Sylvia Hammond to be our representative in the State House in Olympia. She will be a thoughtful legislator and a hard worker. A retired farmer and teacher from Ephrata, she has knowledge and experience of issues that directly affect our district.

The incumbent, Matt Manweller, is currently being investigated because of allegations of inappropriate conduct at Central Washington University. According to the Daily Record, Ellensburg, he was also investigated in 2012 and 2013 for allegations of sexual harassment. He has been stripped of his leadership position in the legislature for the duration of this latest investigation. How can he be an effective legislator in these circumstances? It’s time to consider another option.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for a person of integrity, honesty and intelligence. A vote for Sylvia is a vote for fair economic policies that will support our local economy. It’s a vote for governmental transparency. It’s a vote to ensure our future by valuing education and helping workers achieve decent wages and working conditions.

Sylvia Hammond is not a career politician; she is a citizen who is stepping up because she is needed. Sadly, her words are being twisted and she is being misrepresented by the opposition. If you have questions about where she stands on an issue, don’t rely on what others say. Go to her website and see what SHE says:

Catherine Cook

Roslyn, WA


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