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--Photo for The Record by Terrie Schmidt-Crosby.

Bob Zeiler empties his combine's bulk tank into a waiting truck at the corner of King Ranch Road and Weber Road after he began cutting Tuesday of this week. The wheat harvest is in full swing, with farmers hauling grain into Odessa and to warehouses dotted throughout the countryside that are owned by Highline Grain Growers and the Odessa Trading Company.

Andy's Fruit and Produce

Those of you who visit this produce stand once a week each summer next to the Odessa tourist park have likely noticed that Andy has been wearing a neck brace recently. She told The Record that she will be having surgery this week. Never fear, however. Relatives and friends have stepped into the breech and will continue to bring fresh produce to town each Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Town council

The Odessa Town Council had no quorum on Monday night of this week, understandably with harvest now in full swing. A special meeting will be held instead today, July 26, at 7 p.m. in the Odessa Public Library.

The council meeting on July 9 did have a quorum, and heard a presentation by Victor Holton on a solar farm installation on town property. Holton told the council he puts together projects for groups of investors in which 50-acre plots of land are either purchased or leased on which solar farms are installed. The power from the panels is sold to the power company, in Odessa's case to Avista. Holton was granted permission to access the property to take measurements and investigate its suitability prior to a follow-up meeting.

Council members continued discussion of a nuisance ordinance aimed at preventing conflicts among town residents. A study committee has been meeting to craft a suitable ordinance.

An Odessa citizen asked the council to consider limiting the amount of time in which fireworks may be shot off during the July 4 holiday. The town can further restrict the times allowed by state law. People with post-traumatic stress disorder can have a difficult time with the sights and sounds of fireworks. Animal friends can also be adversely affected by the noise and flashes produced by fireworks, especially the illegal variety. The council agreed to consider the request.

Fire season

Fire season is upon us now. Grant County has reported several large fires that have kept fire crews and other emergency responders very busy over the past month. Things have been somewhat quieter in Lincoln County, but more reports are starting to come in. Doris Jasman came in to The Record this week to buy a thank-you ad for firefighters after a combine fire ignited several acres of standing wheat at their Marlin-area farm.


Fest is less than two months away. Civic groups are planning and preparing their menu items. The Biergarten chair Lindsy Starkel and vice-chair Trevor Smith have gathered a crew to begin repairing tables and benches in the community center. The Oom Pas and Mas have announced that they will begin practicing for their Fest performances on July 29 on the Biergarten stage.

Laura Estes reported that she and Kelly Korpinen were assisted by Kathy Reeves and Kathy Ashe in performing a deep cleaning of the community commercial kitchen in the community center. Estes also reported that the kitchen ceiling has been repaired and no longer leaks. The Chamber can now promote use of the kitchen by other entities in order to generate revenue.

A final reminder: Be aware of trucks bringing in the harvest. Large trucks loaded with wheat require a long braking distance. Give them plenty of room.


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