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Land of free has cost

All gave some, some gave all


August 2, 2018

I always knew that we had free press, but do we? If we let Trump tell us the press is always lying even when it’s not; is it really free, or are we just trying to tell ourselves that it is? We are also free to assemble, free to choose, or not choose a faith, free to speak up. You really want someone telling you what you can or cannot say, or who you can see? I sure as hell don’t.

Some person, like my brother, gave his life for this country of ours, so we could all be free. We used to stand proud of what this country stood up for. Well, I still do. Not for the President. He broke the oath of office that he is supposed to stand for. But no, then he stood up for Russia, not us! I no longer have to support him.

But I do support this country and its Constitution and all its people no matter where they come from, color of skin, faith, and even those with no faith – I do not care. When my brother died for all of us, he did not tell me to pick or choose who I wanted, nor did he really want to go to war. He did, because that was what our family did when our nation called on us. We boys all went and did our jobs. He just was unlucky, that was all. I guess when I think back on it, one of us had to pay the price for our freedoms.

Leslie Leroy McCorkle RIP, KIA, 1968

By Steven Lee Siegel

July 25, 2018


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