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Letter to the Editor: Engaging with McMorris Rodgers and her staff


August 16, 2018

To the Editor:

Recently I sent a letter to Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Part of the letter says:

“I just needed to tell you how encouraged I was when I met some young people from your campaign at the anti-racism rally at the county courthouse on August 2, and while we were talking they told me that racism has no place in American politics and is in fact un-American.”

On August 4, I bumped into Cathy at the Hillyard Parade and she told me that our land should be the land of opportunity for everyone. I was encouraged again by that and reminded of the Christian image of a city upon a hill referred to by so many of our leaders including John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. I thought this envisioned city would shine because its citizens do not hide the light of mercy and goodness in their hearts but let it stream forth in their actions to all the world.

In my letter I also told Cathy that she will be doing the righteous thing if she loudly advocates for charity to immigrants at every opportunity and loudly rejects the cruelty that has captured the hearts of so many other Republicans.

Jeremy Street



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