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Incident Log

Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, Sept. 3: Responding to the 1400 block of Morgan Street, Davenport ambulance personnel transported a woman described as having “psychotic issues” to the hospital.

A report of a four-acre fire in Lamont on Potts Road near cell phone towers was referred to Whitman County authorities.

Mental health personnel were consulted after an inmate told corrections deputies that “if he could find a way to kill himself in the cell he would” and subsequently wrapped a shirt around his neck, causing his face to turn red.

Deputies continued enforcement of Davenport’s city code, responding to violations involving vehicles parked in the city right-of-way in the 1100 block of Seventh, the 300 and 1000 blocks of Washington and the 1200 block of Jefferson.

Responding to a residence on Calvert Drive Road, Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a man who suffered a seizure.

A responding deputy couldn’t find evidence to support a caller’s report of illegal burning in the vicinity of North Hills Drive East in the Fort Spokane area.

A caller requested assistance after his son hadn’t returned to Fort Spokane campground after two hours on a mountain bike ride. Deputies subsequently found the bicyclist.

A Davenport man asked for deputies’ assistance in retrieving a painting from a neighbor’s residence in the 700 block of Marshall Street.

A Miles Road resident told dispatchers about a scam call notifying her of winning a car – in exchange for cash required for delivery.

Dispatchers took the latest of multiple calls about a dog that “will not stop barking” in the 500 block of SE Pope Street in Wilbur.

Almira ambulance personnel transported a 7-year-old girl to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport after suffering “minor injuries” when the bicycle she was riding failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with a car on North 6th Street.

A deputy checked out a report of possible animal neglect at a residence on Colfax Street in Sprague.

A caller told dispatchers about an altercation involving a man and woman in the 1600 block of Eighth Street in Davenport. A responding deputy determined the matter was verbal only after finding no evidence of a physical assault.

Odessa Police, joined by county deputies and advised by Spokane County dispatchers, investigated a report that a local man made threats to “use his assault rifles and kill a bunch of kids” and “shoot up the school” in response to breaking up with his girlfriend.

Visitors at Fort Spokane told National Park Service personnel that someone had taken their bicycles from where they had been chained together.

Tuesday, Sept. 4: Almira ambulance personnel assisted a man who hurt his knee as a result of a short fall.

Dispatchers transferred to the Washington State Patrol a report about an individual observed knitting while driving a vehicle on I-90 near Sprague.

Responding to the 300 block of West 4th Avenue, Odessa ambulance personnel assisted a man experiencing low blood sugar.

Deputies cited a man for illegally dumping garbage into a dumpster on property owned by Wilbur’s AgLink, Inc., outlet.

A caller reported tracking a cell phone that had been stolen from a bar in Spokane into the Davenport area.

An individual was transported to Coulee Community Hospital after being hurt in a rollover collision on Kiner Road in the Almira area. Damage also was reported to a fence.

A caller told dispatchers about an abandoned red Volkswagen Beetle parked alongside Cayuse Cove Road with the driver’s door open and “completely filled with Amazon packages.”

Employees at the Davenport medical clinic advised dispatchers of a man who called them and threatened to “crash his truck into the courthouse.” The matter was referred to mental health personnel.

A deputy responded to a report of an alley blocked by a trailer, cutting off a woman’s access to her backyard in the 800 block of Sinclair Street in Davenport.

A mental health patient who left Lincoln Hospital in Davenport before being cleared to do so was eventually located in Wilbur. Local ambulance personnel transported her back to the hospital in Davenport, where she was treated for consuming 60 pills and placed on special watch while confined there.

A man selling satellite TV service in Sprague was advised to secure a solicitor’s license from City Hall.

A man was cited for allowing cattle to run loose in the vicinity of Leffel and Tanner roads.

Deputies investigated a report of trespassing filed after three vehicles were observed on the private Johns Rocky Way roadway north of Davenport.

Safeway grocery personnel in Davenport told dispatchers about a man who got stuck under a dumpster behind the store. A deputy gave the man, believed to be intoxicated, a courtesy ride home.

Wednesday, Sept. 5: Creston ambulance personnel transported a 58-year-old woman with diabetes issues to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

A Davenport caller told dispatchers she believes someone is trying to kill her and that she is being poisoned.

Emergency personnel responded to the scene of a one-vehicle rollover collision in downtown Edwall.

Odessa Police investigated a report that a 7-year-old autistic child made threats to kill people “tonight” with knives.

After National Park Service personnel began checking out a report of a boat collision at the Fort Spokane launch, a responding county deputy determined no collision had occurred, but the boat was too big to go under the SR 25 bridge at Two Rivers.

Thursday, Sept. 6: A caller phoned in his belief that a BNSF train had been blocking traffic north of Edwall for “an excessive amount of time.”

Dispatchers referred an advisory of a possible tuberculosis case in southern Lincoln County to the county Public Health Department.

A collision involving a vehicle and deer took place on SR 25 about eight miles north of Davenport.

Drug paraphernalia discovered at a residence in the 300 block of West Alice in Harrington was turned over to a deputy for disposal.

A man was arrested and charged with first-degree attempted assault in connection with an incident in the vicinity of Cayuse Cove Road north of Davenport during which a sheriff’s deputy felt forced to shoot four times into the engine block of a pickup truck that the suspect is accused of using to ram into the deputy’s patrol car. The incident began with a deputy’s pursuit of a vehicle traveling a high speeds on county roads north of Davenport and the failure of the driver to stop.

A man turned in a counterfeit $100 bill with Chinese handwriting he found at Seven Bays.

A woman reported someone has been illegally dumping garbage on her property adjacent to North Moore Road north of Reardan.

Responding to a domestic violence report from a residence on Cayuse Cove Road north of Davenport, deputies arrested a woman on an assault charge and booked her into the county jail.

A van struck a power pole at the intersection of Sixth and Morgan streets in Davenport. The teenage driver involved was not hurt.

Reardan Police received a report from Spokane authorities of a possible hanging in Reardan.

Friday, Sept. 7: While waiting for emergency medical personnel to arrive, a deputy assisted an 82-year-old Wilbur woman experiencing bleeding from the ear.

A deputy investigated a possible violation of a protection order after a caller said someone “gunned a vehicle” and stopped short of hitting him as he walked through the Sandy’s Family Foods parking lot in Wilbur.

About 25 yards of damage was reported after a vehicle went off Sprague Lake Resort Road and into a ditch.

A deputy and state wildlife officer assisted National Park Service personnel who were encountering resistance from a fisherman whose catch they were attempting to check at the Lincoln Mill day use area.

Saturday, Sept. 8: County Public Works personnel removed a tree that had fallen across Denny Station Road near its intersection with Addington Road in the Reardan area.

Inland Power and Light personnel responded to a report of a downed power line on U.S. 2 west of Davenport.

A golf cart was used to damage three greens and destroy sprinklers at the Odessa golf course. The cart was left with a flat tire.

Dispatchers were informed about a girl that had been bitten by a dog in the 900 block of Merriam Street in Davenport.

Saying that the animal “looked so bad, he wanted to cry,” a caller reported that an injured bear came up to his car window while he was driving in the vicinity of Ditmar and Murbach roads in the Mondovi area.

A caller reported someone had destroyed a mailbox on Level Road North in the Davenport area.

A collision involving a pickup truck and deer took place on U.S. 2 near the weigh scales between Davenport and Reardan. A similar incident was reported on U.S. 2 in the Telford area.

A Davenport woman phoned in her concern about a normally nice neighbor dog that growled and barked at her and chased her in the vicinity of Tenth and Merriam streets.

Dispatchers took a report of a loud party that went into the night in the 16500 block of Oregon Street in Edwall. A responding deputy persuaded the hosts, who said they didn’t realize it was past 10 p.m., to turn off the music.

National Park Service personnel investigated a report of illegal dumping at the Fort Spokane campground.

Sunday, Sept. 9: Odessa firefighters and BNSF railroad personnel responded to a field fire about two miles west of Lamona on the south side of the tracks near Loby Lane.

Inland Cellular service was reported down from Reardan to Hartline, with outages also affecting Odessa, Harrington, Seven Bays and Lincoln.

A Wilbur man said he was asked during a phone call to verify information on an account with Wells Fargo. The only problem: He doesn’t bank with Wells Fargo.

Another car vs. deer collision took place on U.S. 2 just east of Davenport.

A Davenport resident reported that someone cut the lock securing a bicycle to a front porch in the 600 block of Maxwell Street – then stole the bike.


An item in last week’s issue reporting the Aug. 27 discovery of drug paraphernalia inside a restroom at the Davenport city shop was erroneous. The paraphernalia was actually found in one of the Pioneer Plaza restrooms, a city spokesman clarified. The sheriff’s office report from which the item was taken did not mention Pioneer Plaza.

Jail Bookings

Sept. 3: Andrew Charles Willett, 35, Spokane, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for second- and fourth-degree assault, theft of a motor vehicle and first-degree robbery.

Sept. 4: Domonique Dannie Tarver, 32, Spokane Valley, arrested by LCSO for contempt of court.

Sept. 5: Aaron Lloyd Carper, 39, Thornton, Wash., arrested by Reardan Police for driving while license suspended.

Brandon Nichol Jacobson, 26, Colville, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

Cathi Louise Travisfall, 60, Grandview, Wash., arrested by Washington State Patrol for driving under the influence.

Sept. 6: Natalie Joy Gostynski, 30, Grand Coulee, arrested by LCSO for failing to appear for fourth-degree assault (domestic violence).

Thomas Ray Campbell, 27, Culver, Ore., arrested by LCSO for driving under the influence.

Doyle Anthony Gabriel, 50, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for first- and second-degree assault and failure to comply with a court order.

Angelique Marie Qualls, 42, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for fourth-degree assault.

From Sept. 3 to 9, 16 individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report

Superior Court

John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Criminal Sentencings

Jesus Ricardo Olmos, 27, of Fruitland, pleaded guilty Aug. 14 to second-degree burglary (3 counts), first-degree theft, theft of a firearm, criminal conspiracy and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. His sentence includes 162 months (13½ years) in prison, $700 court costs and restitution to be determined later. The case involved break-ins between March 11 and 15 at a Hart Road residence and the taking of firearms and gold and silver bars. As a result of a plea agreement, prosecutors amended the charges from what had been initially filed: three counts of residential burglary, first-degree theft, 17 counts of theft of a firearm, 17 counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, and criminal conspiracy to commit residential burglary. Five other individuals also were charged in connection with the March incidents.

Kristina Renee Collins, 32, of Electric City and Kirkland, Wash., pleaded guilty Sept. 4 to third-degree theft, amended as a result of plea negotiations from theft of a firearm. Her sentence included six days in jail (credited as time served), $543 court costs and $150 reimbursement for a public defender. The charge is connected to a Jan. 23 incident at a residence on SW Lincoln Street in Wilbur.

New Criminal Cases

Thomas H. Ellison III, 31, of Sprague and Spokane, is charged with second-degree burglary, second-degree possession of stolen property and second-degree theft in connection with the taking of tools from a Sprague residence between July 24 and Aug. 8.

Curtis Dwayne Crowshoe, 54, of Springdale, is charged with possession of methamphetamine and hydrochloride in connection with a Dec. 10, 2017, traffic stop by local police in Reardan.

Hunter M. Cary, 19, of Spokane, is charged with attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle on Sept. 1 after allegedly leaving the scene of a traffic stop on U.S. 2 just west of Wilbur. The deputy involved claims he traveled at speeds of about 100 miles per hour during the incident.

Andrew C. Willett, 35, of Spokane, is charged with first-degree robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, second- and fourth-degree assault in connection with a Sept. 2 incident at a residence adjacent to SR 231 north of Reardan. A 73-year-old woman was struck with a metal pipe and a 60-year-old man also was hurt. The vehicle involved was found to have been driven over large rocks and 60 feet down a steep embankment. The court put into place a no-contact order and also authorized a mental competency evaluation for Willett.

Doyle Anthony Gabriel, Jr., 50, of Davenport, is charged with first-degree attempted assault in connection with a Sept. 6 incident in the vicinity of Cayuse Cove Road north of Davenport during which a sheriff’s deputy felt forced to shoot four times into the engine block of a pickup truck that Gabriel is accused of using to ram into the deputy’s patrol car.

New Juvenile Offender Matters

A 13-year-old Othello, Wash., boy is charged with second-degree malicious mischief and second-degree vehicle prowling in connection with a July 28 incident at the Odessa Schools involving property damage to buildings and buses.

A 13-year-old Almira boy is charged with three counts of felony harassment in connection to threats he is accused of making to “shoot up” the Almira school and kill three staff members, including the principal. He is one of two suspects being investigated by the sheriff’s office. He is being held on $100,000 bond and is currently in the custody of Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

New Civil Case

Robert E. Mielke seeks Superior Court review of a July 24 District Court decision by visiting Judge Adalia A. Hille granting a request from his nephew, Nathan D. Mielke, for an anti-harassment protection order. Both parties are Davenport area residents.


An agreement in a trust/estate dispute resolution involving the Bank of America and the Edward N. Nansen and Vieno V. Nansen Charitable Trust was filed with the court on Aug. 27.

Estate of Sharon Jean Aeschliman, of Colfax, who died May 31.

Estate of James P. Eller, of Reardan, who died Aug. 30, 2017.

Estate of Dwayne C. Michel, of Othello, Wash., who died May 15, 2016.

Estate of June Ann Dawson, of Odessa, who died June 28.

District Court

Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Aaron L. Carper, Spokane, driving while license suspended, pleaded guilty, 1 day jail (credited as served), $352 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation.

Bethany Teall Houston, Seattle, speeding (11 mph over limit), contested, amended to expired vehicle tabs, $156 penalty.

Michael Shawn Williams, Spokane, driving under the influence, amended at prosecutor’s request to first-degree negligent driving, $1,243 court assessments, 12 months supervised and 12 months unsupervised probation, alcohol/drug evaluation and recommended treatment, DUI victims’ panel, no possession or consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs (monitored by random testing).

Luis Felipe Aguilar, Pasco, Wash., driving while license suspended, pleaded guilty, $584.20 court assessments, 12 months supervised and 12 months unsupervised probation.

Jula Nora R. Sutton, Edwall, driving under the influence, 1 day jail (credited as served), $2,397.50 court assessments, 36 months supervised and 24 months unsupervised probation, alcohol/drug evaluation and recommended treatment, DUI victims’ panel, no possession or consumption of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs (monitored by random testing), comply with rules and requirements of state Department of Licensing regarding installation and use of a functioning ignition interlock device.

Marcel Nathaniel Hall, Okanogan, Wash., controlled substance violation, pleaded guilty, 2 days jail converted to 20 hours community service, $643 court assessments, 12 months supervised and 12 months unsupervised probation, chemical dependency evaluation and recommended treatment.

Brandon N. Jacobson, Colville, driving while license suspended, 1 day jail (credited as served), $453.80 court assessments, 12 months supervised probation, deferred sentence (may change plea when court’s conditions are met).

Thomas Ray Campbell, Culver, Ore., probation violation (driving under the influence), 3 days jail.

Thomas James Pearson, Spokane, first-degree driving while license revoked, 90 days jail (40 credited as served and 50 converted to electronic home monitoring), $643 court assessments, 12 months supervised and 12 months unsupervised probation.

Small Claims Court

Petitioners Russell and Elizabeth Van Sickle, of Davenport, won a $2,080 judgment against Greg Loughbom, of Seven Bays, who did not appear for an Aug. 30 hearing on their request for $5,000 to cover unpaid house repairs and supplies, damage deposit and a purchase deposit on a house at 506 Main Street in Davenport.

Marriage License

Lincoln County Auditor

Daniel Richard Gunning, 52, and Jodi Ann Campbell, 51, both of Spokane Valley.

Marriage Dissolutions

Lincoln County Clerk

New filings – Sept. 7: Brent A. Kelton and Jennifer Kelton, married July 4, 2013, in Electric City, separated July 6, no dependent children of the marriage; and Darrell J. Russell and Francesca N. M. Russell, married June 19, 2010, separated in 2014, one dependent child of the marriage. Also, 61 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 3 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for annulment or invalidity of marriage: 1 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.



Lincoln County Treasurer

Donald W. Jacobson, Harrington, to D/J Land and Cattle Co., Inc., Harrington – property at 507 South Second, Harrington (Lots 13-17, Blk. 80, Southern Addition to Harrington), $0.

Jerry A. Focht, Spokane, to Jerry A. Focht, John A. and Brittnie M. Focht, Spokane – property at 41904 Porcupine Bay Road North, Davenport (Lot 25, Laughbon Bay Subdivision), $0.

William and Janet Wadlington, Fruitland, to Judith Renn, Creston – property at 570 NE Adams, Creston (Lots 7-9, Blk. 6, Maib’s Addition to Town of Creston) and 1996 24x60 mobile home, $185,000.

Ed and Sonya Benhardt, Reardan, to Twin Spruce Bird Ranch, Inc., Reardan – portion of northwest quarter of Sec. 10, T25N, R39E lying west of Spring Creek Road (SR 231), $0.

Larry R. McNeil, Renae Younker and Shannon Pickel, Davenport, to Eric M. and Cynthia L. Story, Randle, Wash. – Lots 20-23, Blk. 4, Reeves Addition to Town of Wilbur, $15,000.

Trea L. and Casey F. Nonnemacher, Davenport, to Billy J. and Cheryl L. Taft, Omak, Wash. – property at 602 Eleventh Street, Davenport (east half of Lot 3, all of Lots 4 and 5, Blk. 32, Timmon’s Second Addition to Town of Davenport), $185,000.

TJ Johnstone, Medford, Ore., to Paul B. and Lenora E. Brown, Spokane – property at 419 West 3rd Street, Sprague (Lots 1-2, Blk. 21, Addition to City of Sprague), $38,000.

Steven J. Larson, Des Moines, Wash., to Zachary and Kayla Taiclet, Sprague – property at 414 North D Street, Sprague (Lot 3, Blk. 61, Second Railroad Addition to Town of Sprague), $1,500.

Zachary and Kayla Taiclet, Sprague, to Steven J. Larson, Des Moines, Wash. – property at 206 West Poplar Street, Sprague (Lot 8, Blk. 61, Second Railroad Addition to Town of Sprague), $1,500.

Penny R. Piper, Davenport, to Omans Acres LLC, Davenport – portion of northwest quarter of Sec. 6, T24N, R38E and 2005 61x40 mobile home, $0.

Brian S. and Shannon Burleson, Bellingham, Wash., to Nicholas V. and Rachel C. Johnson, Newport, Wash. – property at 507 Airport Way, Seven Bays (Lot 7, Blk. 5, Airport Addition to Seven Bays), $7,500.

Rodney E. and Linda M. Schlimmer, and Laurel J. Iverson, Meminnville, Tenn., to Barbara Schlimmer, Odessa – property adjacent to Irby Road North, Odessa (portions of Sec. 5, T22N, R32E and Sec. 32, T23N, R32E), $17,960.

James and Geraldine Pillings, Grand Coulee, to Sandi M. Smith, San Antonio, Texas – property at 3220 Spring Canyon Road East, Grand Coulee (portion of north half of Sec. 15, T28N, R31E), $133,550.

Gregory Wold, Everett, Wash., to Michael and Annamaria Ritt, Index, Wash. – property at 404 Sherlock Street, Harrington (Lot 4 and portion of Lot 3, Blk.54, Town of Harrington), $19,000.

Steve M. and Diana J. Conser, Deer Meadows, to Steven and Diana Conser (trustees, Conser Trust), Deer Meadows – property at 42053 Fawn Lane North, Deer Meadows (Lot 45, Deer Meadows Tracts, Plat No. 2), $0.

R & T Rosenberg Family LLC, Coulee Dam, to Robert A. and Nicole T. Cunningham, Wilbur – Tract 7 in Sec. 16, Spring Canyon Ranchettes (T28N, R31E), $30,000.

R & T Rosenberg Family LLC, Coulee Dam, to Robert A. and Nicole T. Cunningham, and Bill and Alicia Wickerham, Wilbur – Tract 9 in Sec. 16, Spring Canyon Ranchettes (T28N, R31E), $30,000.

R & T Rosenberg Family LLC, Coulee Dam, to Bill and Alicia Wickerham, Wilbur – Tract 8 in Sec. 16, Spring Canyon Ranchettes (T28N, R31E), $30,000.

Michelle and Rick Kimesm Sprague, to Terry and Christine Knowles, Sprague – property at 614 East 4th Street, Sprague (Lot 10, Blk. 41, Addition to Town of Sprague, also known as First Railroad Addition to Sprague), $118,900.


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