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Series: Letter to the Editor | Story 4

Last updated 11/1/2018 at 6:54am

To the Editor:

– Use it or lose it –

– Probably not –

– We’re in for the long haul –

You may have noticed that the last two weeks the Rolling Thunder Pizza shop has been closed. If you did not notice, well, I don’t know what to say. That is part of the problem, if there is one. Perhaps there is not. You can tell me. No, the Rolling Thunder is not closing or for sale anytime soon. I sometimes wonder why, though, always replaced by, “because I love Odessa. I do.”

We started investing in Odessa back in 2007 and have never stopped. In fact, all my personal assets and interests are here. Odessa is my home. I also live and work on my family’s ranch outside of Naches. This is where I commute from weekly to Odessa where I open a shop that I love for you to enjoy. A few of you, and I really appreciate the loyal customers that we have. Thank you. And I will continue to do so.

Because I love Odessa. And I believe still, after 11 years of never showing a profit in any year, know the investment still is of great value. Odessa is continuing to thrive and grow, I know. Here is a great example. The graduating class size when we came here I think was about eight or so. This year my beautiful little Tympist in first grade has full classes and I believe the graduating sizes are much larger, approaching or over 20 and growing. Easy to see. Homes and rentals all full and sold. Odessa is growing, property values are increasing. This is why I stay.


How do I keep even a part-time shop open, as great as it is, without enough customers? I don’t know. This is why I am wondering how you think shops downtown stay open if you do not purchase there. Many of my biggest bills at the Rolling Thunder go directly to the Town of Odessa to pay employees that live here. Lots of advertising dollars go to the local paper that I love. Monies go into other places in Odessa. Yet, in very few cases do I see any of these people in my shop, ordering a fresh, hot pizza to go. How does that work? Well, so far it is still not working well, even after 11 years. Perhaps it is because the shop’s hardly ever open. That is true. I’ll keep trying if you do, too.

Thank you so much Odessa and God bless this beautiful town

With love and good intentions,

Nate Lathrop



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