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This Week in Odessa History July 4 plans set, baseball players still off at war, grasshoppers at Batum

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100 years ago

The Odessa Record

June 20, 1919

News updates: Mrs. F. G. Jasmann and Eddie are moving at Spokane.

The English Congregational ladies’ aid went to Marlin to enjoy their regular social session as guests of Mrs. E. J. Jenks and Mrs. W. C. Dashiell.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Graves had a welcome home party at the section house honoring William Graves, home from France, and John Graves, who had served at Fort Lewis.

Henry Kallenberger, Marlin, sustained a fractured leg when kicked by a horse he was driving on Decoration day.

Odessa’s crippled baseball team went to Wilbur and lost by a score of 6 to 4. Captain “Slats” Wachter, who had never pitched a game before in his life, took the box.

The American sea plane, NC4, was the first airplane to cross the Atlantic. Ten years ago it was regarded a miracle when Bleriot flew across the English channel!

Henry Hopp has gone to Ritzville to work in the bank.

Manager Al Wagner is a busy man getting the band lined up for the Ritzville Fourth of July celebration, where they will play. Many of the members are still with the armed services, and the present membership numbers 15.

The local schools are rounding out the year, and the present graduating class is the largest in history, four boys and five girls. The class roll includes Anna Mayer, Martha Schafer, Madeline O’Leary, Esther Deets, Doris Ganson, Clifford Patton, William Geissler, Eardley Glass and Joe Weik.

Gus Schlimmer landed from France a week ago and is expected home tomorrow.

Queen Anne cherries are selling at 12 cents a pound at the Stratford orchards. Bing cherries are selling at 22 cents in the local stores. First home grown potatoes were marketed this week by Mrs. Louisa Hemmerling, who received seven cents a pound.

Ralph Lowe accompanied Game Warden D. C. Holmes to Yakima, where they secured another consignment of 100,000 rainbow trout fry to place in Crab creek between Harrington and Rocky Ford.

75 years ago

The Odessa Record

June 29, 1944

Baseball men to return to game: The veteran baseball players of the community will band together for the game at the Wilson Creek celebration on the Fourth, it was revealed Sunday when many of the old-timers gathered for practice.

Pitching strength will somewhat of a guess. Emanuel Becker, Odessa stalwart for many years, may attempt a comeback for the day, and Lawrence Schafer, manager of the Grange Supply company, has had much experience.

With so many of the younger players in the service, the old heads are determined that there shall be a team.

Former heads judge action: Past presidents of the commercial club had the floor on Wednesday, at the “Panning or Planning” program, outlining plans that should be accomplished for the future of Odessa and reviewing past incidents, Speakers were W. C. Raugust, E. J. Wachter and Sol Reiman.

W. C. Raugust, who was club president during the recent depression, told of the handicap the club was under at that time. Despite this, through the club leadership a program of trade days and rodeos kept the town alert. Planning now, he stated, should encourage new residents, businesses and homes.

Mr. Wachter called attention of the value of a golf course and recreation program in attracting people.

Mr. Reiman, now head of the finance committee, told of the generous support given the club by the business men. He urged the program committee to bring in more nationally known speakers, such as Dr. Mann, and urged that a program be started to make Odessa appealing to the returning service men.

Rev. A. Hausauer, of the program committee, announced that next Wednesday is candidate’s day, with any political candidates welcome to appear.

Discussion of the Fourth of July season brought a decision to close stores for one day only, on Tuesday, July 4.

Present at the meeting were E. E. Newland, Nath Koth, C. A. Bragg, G. A. Weber, Everett Koth, Roscoe Reiman, Sol Reiman, E. J. Wachter, R. N. Kissler, C. C. Heimbigner, J. C. Michaelsen, Robert Hoefel, H. C. Phillips, Howard Moore, W. C. Raugust, Rev. A. Hausauer and T. C. Anderson.

50 years ago

The Odessa Record

June 26, 1969

Odessa has firemen’s fire Saturday: The south hillside from the golf course to the Finney Field stadium was blackened late Saturday afternoon when westerly winds carried flames from burning of rough sat the golf course.

Firemen had spent some time Saturday afternoon burning off various roughs in the golf course area. The prevailing wind, picked up embers from burned over areas of the southeast corner of the golf course and carried them into dry grass and sagebrush.

The fire spread rapidly when a fire truck was hung up. A second truck taken to the fire brought the spreading flames under control, as well as help extricate the other piece of fire-fighting equipment. Two tractor were also on the scene, arriving after the fire truck had been put back into operation.

Bob Deife is appointed director of state ASC office: An eastern Washington farmer and businessman has been appointed executive director of the Washington State Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service office in Spokane.

Rep. Catherine May, R-Wash., said Robert Deife, Odessa, will take over the office from Stanton H. Ganders on July 6.

The agency is responsible for state administration of farm programs including price supports, acreage allotments and marketing quotas, the wheat program, feed grains program and land use adjustment programs.

He will be in charge of county agricultural stabilization offices and will coordinate their activities.

Deife has been a Lincoln County farmer since 1947 and operates a 4,900-acre farm near Odessa. He is president of Columbia Pacific Life Insurance Co. of Odessa, and president of the Lincoln County Wheat growers Association.

The Deifes are planning to move to Spokane next month having purchased a home there. Members of the family will be in-and-out of Odessa through harvest.

25 years ago

The Odessa Record

June 30, 1994

Grasshoppers out in force at Batum: Grasshoppers still out in force, there has been no let-up in the siege by grasshoppers of parts of northwestern Adams County.

They were first noticed early in June is isolated areas. They were observed in wheat fields south of Batum and Moody, migrating from CRP land, where grass had become dry and forage was scarce.

No great damage has yet resulted. The grasshopper invasions so far have been limited to boarders of wheat fields, extending in about 200 yards.

Washington State University area agronomist has suggested that the grasshoppers could be controlled with malathion, a spray which is safe to mammals and relatively inexpensive. Few growers have believe that the problem is serious enough to warrant spraying.

Grasshoppers destroy crops by feeding on wheat stalks and leaves. The danger of this diminishes as the wheat plant ripens.

An invasion of grasshoppers last weekend at the home of Larry and Linda Gustafson near Batum virtually wiped out their rose garden. The yard was black with grasshoppers, which have grown considerably since they first started coming out the CRP land, where they were hatched, a month ago.

Clubhouse option draws throng to Odessa-Spokane picnic: The day couldn’t have been much worse for a picnic. After a beautiful Saturday, Sunday was blustery, and there was occasional rain.

Even though the weather was more conducive to staying at home, former Odessans now living in Spokane weren’t deterred from attending their annual picnic. It was held for the first time at the park at Cascade Mobile Home Community, sometimes called Little Odessa because of the many former Odessa people who live there.

In past years, poor weather has severely limited attendance at the picnics, which always before have been in Spokane municipal parks. It wasn’t a pleasant day last year, and only 38 showed up at Comstock Park. This year, however, picnickers were promised use of Cascade’s clubhouse should it rain or be too chilly to set up tables in the park.

Signing the register at the picnic were John and Loretta Miller, Marley and Darlene Eldredge, Chris and Jean Kittilson and Robert and Melody, Denise (Kittilson) Masiello, Marjorie McCormack, Rhea Strate, Tea Barela, Robyn (Strate) Norwood and Tyler and Jordan, Herb and Tana Hardung, Mark and Margaret Cosgrove, Harvey and Elizabeth Schmidt, Oscar and Ethel Anderson, Ray and Margaret Garrett, Harriet (Smith) Keison, Esther (Doering) Ytreeide, the Rev. and Mrs. Myrl Thiesies, Dorothy Finkbeiner, Janet (Finkbeiner) Colby, Jan (Kramer) Brantling, Agnes Kramer, Gerald and Billy Schafer,

About 60 persons attended the potluck dinner. Committee members who hosted the affair were Mark and Margaret Cosgrove, Marjorie McCormack, Rhea Strate, John and Loretta Miller, Harriet Kyle, Darlene Eldredge and Herb and Tana Hardung, all residents of Cascade Mobile Home Community, and Ruth Sackmann, Wayne Lenhart and Dorothy Frieske, Norman and Marianne (Delzer) Schelin, Carol and Della (Delzer) Melaas, Bruce and Rayna Lee (Garrett) Walker, LeRoy Hook, Don Walter, Rae Walter, Don and Carol Evavold, Ruebin and Dorothy Kissler, Larry Porter, Kenneth Porter, Nancy (Porter) Case, Howard and Faye Michaelsen, Maxine Divito, Cal and Donna Graedel.


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