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August 1, 2019


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Criminal Sentencing

A jury found Lisa Lynn Munro, 53, of Harrington, guilty of third-degree theft, but not guilty of second-degree theft, at the conclusion of a June 5 trial. On July 9, the court sentenced her to serve 60 days in jail (17 days credited as served), and pay $500 court assessments and $400 restitution. The charges involved the taking of money from a Vietnamese exchange student between Sept. 1, 2018, and Jan. 31, 2019. She has filed an appeal with the state Court of Appeals, Division III, in Spokane.

Civil Judgments

Martin & Glinski (The Viking), Sprague, must pay $8,186.58 in taxes owed from September 2018 through January 2019 to the Washington State Department of Revenue.

An abstract of a July 17 King County Superior Court judgment awarding $1 million from Richard A. Frisk to the petitioner, Northwest Surgical Development Co., Inc., was filed with the Lincoln County court.

New Civil Case

Clinton L. Brown, administrator, Estate of John Lew Brown, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ferry County, Peter C. Brandon (911 dispatcher), Karin Hall (911 supervisor) and Ferry County Sheriff Ray Maycumber, alleging negligence in failing to prioritize an emergency call, leading to the decedent’s death as a result of a July 26, 2016, mobile home fire in that county.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

John W. Fraser, Sprague, operating motor vehicle without insurance, $190 penalty; fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $140.

Dianne L. Hansen, Springdale, operating motor vehicle without insurance, contested, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Kenneth Wayne Laws, Spokane, operating without proper CDL endorsement, contested, found not committed.

Adam Lee Westman, Clayton, Wash., speeding (5 mph over limit), contested, found not committed.

Donavan M. Tesch, Wilbur, fail to wear safety belt, contested, found committed, $100 penalty.

Christopher Matthews, Spokane, speeding (17 over), $187.

Dustin M. McElfish, Davenport, ORV driven on roadway, contested, found committed, $130.

Ashley Rose Baum, Medford, Ore., speeding (14 over), $140.

Gregory Abrahamson, Ford, speeding (5 over), $105.

John Lindsay Bryan, Creston, illegal use of studded tire, $110.

Carrie Ann Buyas, Orondo, Wash., speeding (17 over), $156; fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $100.

Alexis Skye Evans, Kennewick, Wash., speeding (5 over), $105.

Heather Harrington, Grand Coulee, operating vehicle without insurance, $475.

Mark Allen Johnson, Inchelium, speeding (16 over), $156; fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $140.

Juanita M. Wright, Davenport, fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $110.

George H. LaRoche, Gifford, Wash., fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $140.

Cynthia B. Manley, Odessa, speeding (10 over), $105; operating vehicle without insurance, $190.

Frederick Michener, Spokane, fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $200.

Richard L. Pritchard, Kennewick, Wash., speeding (22 over), $218.

Angelica Terrazas, Ephrata, Wash., speeding (18 over), $156,

Harvey J. Thoreson, Airway Heights, speeding (33 over), $310; operating vehicle without insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Miguel A. Verduzco, Burien, Wash., speeding (16 over), $156; operating vehicle without insurance, $190.

Marissa Villemure, Spokane, speeding (32 over), $275.

Samantha Jo Walls, Spokane, speeding (36 over), $361,

Kara Ann Williams, Colville, illegal use of studded tires, $110.

Chase James Wilson, Otis Orchards, Wash., speeding (15 over), $156.

Bryan Lee Wing, Davenport, operating vehicle without insurance, $475.

Robert L. Wyborney, Wilbur, speeding (15 over), $125.

Civil Matters

Noting that “a preponderance of the evidence had not established harassment had occurred,” the court on July 22 denied protection orders requests from Stephanie M. Wells and David L. Wells against Scott Sundean, all of Wilbur. The allegations against Sundean, a former Wilbur Town Council member, originated from an incident that occurred after the July 3 council meeting outside Town Hall. Wells, a current council member, and his wife, the town’s hearing examiner, are seeking election to the panel this year.


Lincoln County Auditor’s Office

Christopher Allen Stangel, 57, and Kelli Beaulaurier, 55, both of Spokane.

George Leonard Chandler, 66, and Coy Dene Koshka, 65, both of Deer Meadows.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings – July 19: April R. Strebeck and Don K. Strebeck II, both of Odessa, married June 12, 1999, in Odessa, separated March 3, 2019, two dependent children of the marriage. Also, 36 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.

Petitions for legal separation: 1 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.


Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

Lincoln County, Davenport, to Ray E. Carter, Davenport – property (the former Developmental Disabilities Clubhouse) at 707 Thirteenth Street, Davenport (Lots 1 and 2, Blk. 38, Timmon’s Second Addition to Town of Davenport), $0.

Anna Marie Buenrostro, Bellflower, Calif., to Joseph John Armand, Spokane – property at 206 North 2nd Street, Harrington (Lot 4, Blk. 20, Original Town of Harrington), $62,000.

Mary A. Carlson, Parker, Wash., to Jason D. and Debra L. Hammel, Seven Bays – property at 1203 Sunset Cove, Seven Bays (Lot 3, Blk. 2, Plat 1 of Seven Bays, Inc.)and 1974 70x14 mobile home, $50,000.

Douglas Winter (personal representative, estate of Arthur F. Winter), Pullman, Wash., to Douglas A. Winter and Janet C. Woodburn, Pullman – property at 502 East 2nd Avenue, Odessa (north half of Lots 7 and 8, Blk. 9,, Pattee and Lyons Addition to Town of Odessa, $0.

Patricia Schrag, Stehekin, Wash., to Vonn and Dawn Nelson, Odessa – property at 410 East 2nd Avenue, Odessa (portions of Lots 4 and 5, Blk. 33, Finney and Pattee’s Addition to Town of Odessa), $97,000.

Richard L. Kogler, Kenmore, Wash., to Rendall and Sarah Farley, Spokane – property at 42585 Doe Drive North, Deer Meadows (Lot 53, Deer Heights Plat No. 1), $65,000.

Annemiek Zoe Patten, Seattle, to Jeffery L. and Kristi S. Rhodes, West Richland, Wash. – Tracts 165 and 166, Hawk Creek Ranches (Sec. 21, T26N, R36E), $20,000.

Gordon R. and Laurli R. Coughren, Davenport, to Gordon R. and Laurli R. Coughren (one-half interest) and Laura Ann Johnson, Davenport – Lots 3 and 4, Blk. 1, Jermain Subdivision, $0.

S.O.S. LLC, Seattle, to Timothy and Angela Baird, Spangle, Wash. – property at 42825 Buckhorn Drive North, Deer Meadows (Lot 65, Deer Heights Plat No. 2), $17,500.

Edward C. and Peggy J. Matthews, Harrington, to Dennis Christopher Bergquist, Bremerton, Wash. – property at 210 North 2nd Street, Harrington (Lots 1 and 2, Blk. 20, Original Town of Harrington) and 1972 24x50 manufactured home, $35,000.

Tom R. and Linda L. Burger, Wilbur, to Brenik W. and Kamrin D. Iverson, Odessa – property at 45228 Rantz Park Lane North, Wilbur (Lot 3, Rantz Marine Park), $420,000.

Treva K. Purser, Kennewick, Wash., to Bradley J. and Amber S. Busch, Hobart, Wash. – property at 2125 Northpoint Court, Seven Bays (Lot 25, Blk. 1, Plat 2 of Seven Bays), $65,650.

Jorad-Co, Kay Frances Adams, Martin J. Steel and Mary Steele Hurd (Mary S. Steele), Davenport, to City of Davenport – portion of southwest quarter of Sec. 20, T25N, R37E (near U.S. 2 and Rambo Road), $5,000.

Carol Lee Makins, Bremerton, Wash., to City of Davenport – portion of southwest quarter of Sec. 19, T25N, R37E (near U.S. 2 and Rambo Road), $900.

Opal Ridge LLC, Davenport, to City of Davenport – portion of northeast quarter of Sec. 19, T25N, R37E (near U.S. 2 and Rambo Road), $2,400.

Joanne and Mason Hopkins, Creston, to City of Davenport – portion of northwest quarter of Sec. 20, T25N, R37E (near U.S. 2 and Rambo Road), $35,000.

Fred Allington, Eloy, Ariz., to Russell M. and Deb Keeley, Royal City – property at 9377 Duck Lake Road, Odessa (portion of southeast quarter of Sec. 13, T22N, R33E), $350,000.

Chartwell Homes, Inc., Spokane, to Carol A. Wood, Reardan – property at 335 North Oak Street, Reardan (Lots 1-4, Blk. 7, Original Town of Reardan), $319,000.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Colville, to City of Davenport – easement in west half of southeast quarter of Sec. 16, T25N, R37E, $7,605.

Randall G. and Kanit Podlas Keller, Las Vegas, Nev., to Jared and Jayci Cocking, Colfax, Wash. – property at 41361 Sunday Bay Road North, Deer Meadows (Lot 55, Blk. 2, Deer Meadow Tracts Plat No. 3), $44,000.

Katheryn R. Bauer, Edwall, to Rusty L. Taylor and Katheryn R. Bauer, Edwall – property at 47863 Hotchkiss Street North, Edwall (Lots 1 and 2 and south half of Lot 3, Blk. 10, Hotchkiss Addition to Town of Edwall), $0.

Els Family LLC, Harrington, to Joshua D. and Katie L. Steward, Harrington – property at 37889 Mohler Road, Harrington (portion of northeast quarter of Sec. 17, T22N, R37E), $60,000.


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