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Lions build cemetery fence, fisherman drowns, teen dies in car wreck

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August 22, 2019

100 years ago

The Odessa Record

August 24, 1919

News updates: Odessa schools will open on September 1, with 12 teachers, seven of them new. E. R. Jinnette, recently of Reardan, is superintendent. Other members of the staff include Miss Dorothy Neff, Miss Gladys Larrabee, Miss Ilah Larrabee, Miss Eva Hanna, George Wallace, Miss Mamie McKay, Mrs. Almata Pitts, Miss Mary McWenie, Miss Languille, Miss Georgia Johnson, Miss Augusta Scott, and Miss Cavanaugh.

The government army food sale failed here through a misunderstanding on postal rates. Only $213 worth was bought, including 36 12-pound cans of bacon. Prices were below current wholesale.

Con H. Eckhardt, with a crew including Ed Safried, Jake and Con Schauerman and Henry Pfeiff, has gone to Wenatchee to build a house for Gustav Spiecker, who is retiring from his ranch at Waterville.

The barn, pump house, a shed and the garage at the Dan Angerman ranch just north of town was destroyed by fire about 11:30 Wednesday night.

Chris Rieker of Ritzville has purchased the Kriegler-Page block and will convert it into a first class garage.

The Hy. W. Rieke family returned from an automobile trip which covered 5000 miles in six weeks. They visited 11 states and say Washington is the best of them all.

Bass have started biting at Pacific lake. Gottlieb Schatz and ye editor (L. C. Weik) caught a dozen Saturday afternoon.

A paradise for stray dogs has been found in the Wheeler area. Rabbits have increased to such an extent that Edgar Fry appealed to the Spokane chamber of commerce, stating that any kind of a dog that was swift enough to worry a rabbit would be welcomed by farmers there.

The old saying that "when goods are too thin to make window curtains from, sister makes a waist from it" is still good, judging from the new blouses being made from indestructible voile.

75 years ago

The Odessa Record

August 24, 1944

Cemetery job almost ready: The cemetery improvement project undertaken by the Lions club is about due to get underway. When a squad of volunteers reported at Spokane Tuesday to bring back piping for that new fence, they were informed that the salt glazed brick was almost ready to come out of the kiln. It will be brought here as soon as ready.

The proposed idea is to build a piping fence along the entire 417 foot front of the cemetery, the pipes to be carried by posts of salt glazed brick, and the center gate being of ornate wrought iron.

Work, which is to be done by members of the Lions club, on manual and common labor, will be handled free of charge. Public donations took care of the materials in part, the club making up the rest. The group has 810 feet of pipe on hand for the start.

A sketch of the proposed project is being prepared and will be placed on display in the Washington Water Power company window as soon as completed.

Jake Wacker Jr. drowns in lake: Jake Wacker Jr., manager of the Odessa Implement company, was drowned at Bob's lake on Sunday afternoon, when the boat in which he was riding in company with J.V. Schmauder and G.C. Haase capsized. The body was recovered after about nine hours of search.

The survivors report that they had trolled for bass about 20 minutes and had decided to go to another lake. Haase, at the motor, released the trolling plate and made a successful turn toward shore, when the front end of the boat started dipping water. Wacker started bailing as Schmauder and Haase worked with the motor. Water started coming in at the rear and the boat slid below water level.

Leaving Haase clinging to the boat, the other two started swimming for shore. Schmauder gave up and returned to the boat, from where they saw Wacker apparently in trouble grasping at his glasses. The two at the boat kept rolling it, in an effort to keep it afloat, while Haase lifted the anchor. Schmauder meanwhile removed his trousers and boots should it be necessary to swim again.

The men estimate they were better than an hour in getting the boat to shore, from where they sped by car to the Richard Delzer ranch and gave the alarm. Contact was made with Glenn Jolliffe, who organized a group of volunteers and notified county authorities. The volunteers stayed with the search, aided by county equipment Jolliffe and A.W. Birge were operating the dragging device when the body was located.

Haase, completely exhausted from freeing the boat, was put to bed for a time at the Delzer ranch. Deputy Sheriff B.V. Cunningham and County Coroner Paul Phillips responded, and Sheriff Charles E. McCaffery came later, bringing equipment he had gathered at Sprague.

Mr. Wacker was born at Hastings, Nebraska, February 26, 1894, and came to this area as a young man with his parents, living in the Batum area. He spent several years managing an apple warehouse at Dryden and returned to Odessa in 1936 to establish the implement firm.

He is survived by his widow, Katie at home; three sons, David and Alvin in the armed services and Gerald at home; three daughters, Mrs. Ruth Rechkoff, Florence and Bernice, all associated with him in the store, one grandson, Richard Rechkoff; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Wacker Sr., two brothers, Henry J., Odessa, and William, Dryden; two sisters, Mrs. Lydia Kiehn, Peshastin, and Mrs. Hannah Widmer, Warden.

Present plans are for holding the funeral Sunday afternoon from the St. Matthews Congregational church if it is possible to get all members of the family present by that time.

Commercial club resumes: The Odessa Commercial club resumed meetings on Wednesday noon after its summer vacation, faced with many problems. It was decided to call an executive meeting for Thursday night at the Odessa State bank, where all committee chairmen and interested members could meet, at 8 o'clock.

It is proposed to take action regarding the fall festival, sharing in the progress edition, and other projects.

The next meeting of the club will be at a night meeting Wednesday, to be held at the usual meeting place in Jolly's cafe, with a program to be outlined.

At the opening meeting Jack Lewis of the Spokesman-Review was present to outline plans for the Progress edition, reporting that Odessa firms had taken space in various cooperative trade pages.

Howard Moore, representing the American Legion, told of the enormous task ahead in rehabilitating the service men, with the many emotional cases that will result, as well as the physically handicapped. He urged the club to include such in its future plans.

E.J. Wachter reported on the Civil Air Patrol, stating that it was now organized and that there was still room for members, these to sign as early as possible, so as not to miss out on instruction. The group would work toward an airport, he stated.

A communication from the Navy Mother's club called attention to the rehabilitation program carried on at the naval hospital at Farragut, and urged donation of materials to further this work, including old radios and parts, phonographs, old ice boxes, photographic equipment, printing equipment, commercial art equipment, old watches and clocks, athletic equipment, old bicycles, old musical instruments, electric odds and ends, machine shop tools and equipment.

Attending the meeting were E.E. Newland, T.C. Anderson, W.H. Yarwood of Mohler, Al Wagner, Howard Moore, W.C. Raugust, Jack Lewis, H.C. Phillips, J.C. Michaelsen, Sol Reiman, H.E. Michaelsen, H.F. Ottestad, Roscoe Reiman, A.W. Jessett, Henry Michaelsen, Jr., H.H. Strate, C.A. Bragg, David Frick, H.H. Scheller, E.J. Wachter, R.N. Kissler and Rev. M.J. Galle.

50 years ago

The Odessa Record

August 21, 1969

One killed, child critical in car wreck: One young man from Odessa was killed and a two-year-old girl was critically injured in a one-car accident about 4 miles east of Odessa Tuesday evening.

Stan Lightbody, who would have been a senior at Odessa high school next month, was killed when thrown from the vehicle as it rolled after failing to make a curve near the John Scrupps farm southeast of Odessa. Lightbody is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lightbody of Spokane, former residents.

The two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sackmann was critically injured with multiple skull fractures when thrown from the same vehicle. She was taken to a Spokane hospital by the local ambulance Tuesday evening.

Driver of the vehicle, according to investigating Trooper Darrel Sines, was Jim Sackmann. He suffered a minor head cut. His wife, Patty, also a passenger in the 1965 Mustang, had minor cuts. Neither was hospitalized. Another passenger, Zandra Hays of Wenatchee, 14, has been hospitalized here with a broken wrist.

No seat belts were in use, according to Trooper Sines.

The vehicle, which is a total loss, belonged to Lightbody.

The State Trooper reports that the vehicle was northbound at the time of the accident, failed to negotiate a curve and ran on to the gravel shoulder. It rolled twice and came to rest upside down in the ditch.

Marry here August 2nd: Robert Hemmerling and Katherine McFarland were married at St. Joseph's Catholic church in Odessa on Saturday, August 2. Fr. Anton Flour performed the rite.

Attendants were the bride's sister, Mrs. Joan Lodmell of Hamilton, Mont. Charles Carnes was the best man.

Parents, relatives and friends of the couple were present for the ceremony.

The couple will make their home at the ranch of Mr. Hemmerling. Mrs. Hemmerling is employed as a girls' physical education instructor in the local school system.

25 years ago

The Odessa Record

August 25, 1994

New banners in place in downtown Odessa: After two and a half years of campaigning, debating and deciding, Odessa's new banners are in place along First Avenue.

Volunteer Doug Plinski put the finishing touches on the light poles, the brackets and the banners on Tuesday. The colorful flags, depicting the community's heritage and beckoning visitors and tourists to "Discover Odessa," have been installed on each side of three blocks of the town's main street.

The banner project was sponsored by the Odessa Chamber of Commerce with cooperation of the Town of Odessa and many volunteers.

"Everyone is to be commended for completing the project," said Chamber president Dale Hunt at the Chamber meeting Tuesday. He said the cost of the banners and the refurbishment of the light poles was $4,654.

At their meeting in the Old Town Hall, Chamber members continued discussions on plans for Deutschesfest, to be held September 16-18. The model airplane show at Odessa Airport is expected to again be one of the Fest attractions. Locations for the parking of tour buses was considered. At previous Fests, buses parked in the vacant lot on Marjorie Avenue between Alder and Division streets. This year, this space will be the site of the carnival.

Suspect items in auction sale at Lamona being investigated: Evidence of stolen items obtained at an auction sale at Lamona two weeks ago has been submitted to Idaho law enforcement authorities for investigation, Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy Jerry Lane said this week.

Harold Pearson, of Spokane, one of dozens of buyers and viewers who attended the auction August 6, alerted Lincoln County authorities of items on display which he said had been stolen from his cabin near Priest River, Idaho.

Lane responded, recovering items which are being held in Lincoln County. Photos of these have been submitted to Idaho authorities.

"This is a joint investigation at this time," Lane said. Evidence submitted to Idaho will aid in the investigation there.

"Several of the purchasers at the auction were very cooperative in turning over items involved in the investigation," Lane said.

Lane also commented that 20 victims have to be reinterviewed in Idaho for this investigation.

The auction, held at the old store building in Lamona, had not been publicized locally beforehand. The auctioneers did advertise in Spokane and drew crowds from there and out of state.


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