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September 5, 2019

Grannie BarBar reports that she and Jerry have just finished baking cookies for Fest and have put them in the freezer. They won’t start working on their fruit-filled breakfast rolls until the Thursday of Fest week. The yeast dough for the rolls is always made fresh each day of Fest rather than being made ahead and frozen. While members of their extended family sell the goods from their table in front of Wheatland Bank, Grannie and Jerry remain in their commercial farm kitchen to provide fresh rolls each day and to make sure they have enough product to sell throughout Fest’s four-day run.

Jeff Melcher’s new business venture Guten Wurst, LLC is ready with its offerings for Fest. Homemade Kartoffel-n-Kloess, sausage (on a stick or in a bun), sauerkraut and hot mustard will be served this year from the site of Das Kraut Haus. The owners of Das Kraut Haus have retired and want to sell the building, but Melcher is renting it for this year’s Fest. Melcher’s company is based at his farm home.


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