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September 26, 2019


Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column. Dispatchers handled 245 calls for service during the period.

Monday, Sept. 16: A Creston resident expressed concern about someone who fed her dog from a minivan that had stopped in a driveway adjacent to Watson Road East. The vehicle was last seen traveling south on Swanson Lake Road.

A Davenport woman told dispatchers she was afraid to leave for Spokane until an unwanted person left her residence in the 500 block of Main Street.

A loose dog bit a 14-year-old Wilbur High School cross country athlete while he ran in the 200 block of SE Pope Avenue.

Two inmates in the Lincoln County Jail got into a physical altercation.

Deputies investigated a theft report from the 200 block of SE Pope Avenue in Wilbur.

After yelling at kids who were throwing rocks in the 1100 block of Adams Street in Davenport, a caller told dispatchers that one of the kids returned with word that his father would come and beat him up.

Deputies and the Washington State Patrol looked for an impaired driver, perhaps under the influence, who ran a stop sign at South B and East 4th streets in Sprague before traveling north on SR 23.

An Almira resident reported her vehicle was stolen from a residence on Douglas Road East.

Tuesday, Sept. 17: After a Wilbur boy called 911 to report hearing creaking sounds inside his home, resulting in his being afraid to leave his room, dispatchers learned from his parents that new medications he is taking may be disrupting his sleep.

Responding to the 700 block of SE Brace Street in Wilbur, Almira ambulance personnel assisted an 83-year-old man with low blood pressure and neck pain.

A Davenport woman told dispatchers her vehicle was broken into while parked in the 400 block of Ross Street. She reported she was missing electronic devices valued at about $200 and cigarettes.

A dog attacked a smaller dog in the 400 block of West Broadway Avenue in Reardan.

Deputies responded to a report of domestic violence in the 1100 block of Jefferson Street in Davenport. Local ambulance personnel transported an individual to Lincoln Hospital for treatment of an injured knee and ankle.

Vista Manor personnel reported an altercation involving two women who reside at the assisted living facility in Wilbur. Neither woman was hurt.

An 11-year-old boy was reported as a runaway after leaving a residence in the 500 block of NW Cole Avenue in Wilbur. He left because he did not want to clean his room and returned after a short while.

Parents of a 10-year-old Reardan boy phoned in their concern after he placed a belt around his neck and threatened to tighten it if not left alone. His father managed to retrieve the belt from him.

A deputy encountered a man walking along U.S. 2 near Davenport in “pitch black” conditions and offered him a courtesy ride to Grand Coulee.

Wednesday, Sept. 18: A county Public Works employee discovered a semi-truck off the roadway and in a field at SR 231 and 23 near Sprague. Damage was reported to a fence on property owned by the state Department of Transportation.

Fire fully engulfed a hayshed and threatened nearby structures on property adjacent to Angels Landing Road in the Devils Gap area. Firefighters responded from Reardan and Spokane. Also responding were Avista Utilities and ambulance personnel from the Spokane Tribe and Davenport to transport two individuals with breathing difficulties to Lincoln Hospital.

Deputies and Adult Protective Services personnel investigated a possible incident of elder abuse in the Harrington area.

Dispatchers were advised of an 89-year-old man with breathing problems in the 1400 block of Morgan Street in Davenport. The patient declined an ambulance ride to the hospital.

A malfunctioning railroad crossing arm was reported at North Oregon and East Larrabee streets in Edwall.

A caller from Lincoln reported receiving threatening phone calls from a former friend.

Deputies responded to an indecent exposure incident at the Lincoln County Care and Share facility in Davenport, where a man reportedly pulled down his pants in front of a woman and children.

A caller advised dispatchers of a firearm he lost while hunting in the vicinity of Waukon and Fancher roads near Edwall.

Thursday, Sept. 19: An 89-year-old Davenport woman lost consciousness after falling from a bed in the 400 block of Ross Street.

Responding to the high school, Reardan Police investigated a report of a sexually motivated assault.

Responding to a residence on Teel Hill Road, Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a 75-year-old woman who had fallen and spent four hours trying to get to a phone to summon help.

Someone cut wires leading to a fuse box inside a van parked at the NEW Alliance Counseling Center in Davenport. A second vehicle’s passenger window had been forced down and broken.

Responding to the 400 block of East Cottonwood Avenue in Reardan, emergency personnel assisted a 60-year-old man with bleeding problems.

A Davenport caller reported a fraudulent transaction for $193 on her Wal-Mart credit account.

Deputies checked out a report of a possible homeless man who spent the night on a bench outside Davenport Family Foods.

Friday, Sept. 20: Davenport ambulance personnel came to the aid of a 54-year-old man experiencing chest pains at a residence in the 1300 block of Washington Street.

Deputies and Reardan Police investigated a report of someone making threats at the previous night’s Reardan High School football game. A suspect was taken into custody.

A vehicle was broken into while parked in the 500 block of Ross Street in Davenport.

No one was reported hurt after a vehicle left U.S. 2 near Davenport and went into a ditch. A second vehicle was involved and deputies had to sort out a dispute on who was at fault.

A “suspicious” vehicle was observed outside a barn on property adjacent to Valley Road North in the Davenport area.

Deputies investigated a possible child sexual assault incident that may have occurred in the Davenport area.

A Davenport woman reported a fraudulent transaction involving her bank account.

Cattle broke through a fence and were found on the roadway about 20 miles north of Davenport on SR 25.

A caller told dispatchers about an Avista Utilities truck parked alongside Sherman Road North near Wilbur, with nobody in the vicinity, but a hard hat and gloves were in the roadway.

A responding deputy discussed the matter of breaking into a garage in the vicinity of SW College Avenue and Broadway Street in Wilbur with four juveniles and their parents, to whom they were released.

Saturday, Sept. 21: Windows were broken at a residence in the 300 block of North Birch Street in Reardan.

A Seven Bays woman bled from her nose and mouth after being attacked at her residence, where someone broke several items inside. Responding deputies identified a suspect.

A possibly homeless man was found sleeping on the steps of the Davenport Presbyterian Church with a marijuana pipe close by. A responding deputy warned him about using marijuana in public.

Responding to the 700 block of SE Brace Street, Wilbur ambulance personnel assisted a 90-year-old woman who had lost consciousness and experienced general weakness.

Mental health personnel were advised of a 14-year-old Davenport girl being treated at Lincoln Hospital for razor blade cuts to her wrist and making suicidal statements.

Juveniles appear to have found the old meat packing facility on Haden Road near Wilbur a popular place to gather. A caller suggested the premises be secured to prevent this from happening.

Odessa ambulance personnel assisted a 79-year-old man who cut his head as a result of a fall.

Responding to a mother’s desperate call, deputies took an “out-of-control” Davenport man to Lincoln Hospital, where mental health personnel were waiting to assist.

After detaining a man and his wife at gunpoint, a Sprague man reported trespassers were shooting rifles on his property in the vicinity of Brown and Sprague Highway Road.

One vehicle rolled into another while both were being fueled at Trader’s Express in Davenport.

A man with dementia who walked off the Odessa Golf Course and hadn’t been seen since was later found at a residence in the 300 block of Birch Street. Local police took the man home.

Sunday, Sept. 22: EMTs from Creston and Lincoln responded to a residence on Bobcat Trail East to assist a 52-year-old unconscious man and take him to Lincoln Hospital in Davenport.

Dispatchers were informed about a man slumped against a guardrail on U.S. 2 near Davenport.

National Park Service personnel attempted to locate the owner of a 25-foot pontoon boat found adrift in Lake Roosevelt near Rantz Park Lane in the Wilbur area.

Sprague ambulance personnel were sent to the scene along Interstate 90 where a pickup truck had been involved in a rollover collision.

An individual was placed into custody after deputies investigated a possible assault involving two female members of a Davenport household.


Sept. 16: Jorge Daniel Rodriquez, 31, Odessa, arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for violating a domestic violence protection order.

Sept. 17: Jeanie Johnson, 73, Cheney, arrested by LCSO for residential burglary and possession of, making or having burglary tools.

Sept. 18: William Lawrence Steed, 18, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for third-degree rape.

Sept. 20: Braeden Vance Thorpe, 18, Newman Lake, arrested by Reardan Police for harassment.

From Sept. 16 to 20, an additional six individuals were confined in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.


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