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Holiday events at opera house, Chamber meets, Vets Day celebrated today

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November 14, 2019

Sharon Kruger

Harrington students hold flags during in the Veterans Day program held at the school Monday, back left: Nicolina Cvitic and Cynthia Lee. Front left: Carolyn Slack, Lexy Crawford, Riley Roller, Mya Erickson, Nic Clarke and Eric Mooney.

HOHS meeting

The Harrington Opera House Society met November 4 with the following members present: Ellen Evans, Linda Wagner, Carol, Mark and Sheryl Stedman, Gordon and Billie Herron, Ed and Bunny Haugan, Becky Moeller and Karen Robertson.

Mark Stedman reported that the gate is installed on the old stairway to the auditorium. The handrail project for the lobby stairway is more complex than originally thought. Discussion was held regarding the purchase of an Emergency Evacuation Chair with a motion to spend no more than $300, which passed. Gordon Herron and Wagner volunteered to order one. A discussion of the possibility of owning and operating a defibrillator machine was addressed by Wagner, who reported on contact with the social worker at Lincoln Hospital and with an attorney. HOHS would need to train a volunteer to operate the machine and who would have to be present at "all" events. More investigating was suggested and no decision was made. Billie Herron reported on cushions for the pews in the auditorium, suggesting that the materials needed would be fabric, foam and plywood which would cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Motion to allow up to $1,500 for supplies passed 9-0, with two abstaining. After a brief discussion the group decided not to enter into a $650 per year maintenance or service contract with Kysar, since the equipment is new.

The nominating committee will be Billie Herron, Linda Wagner and Ed Haugan with elections to be in December. New officers will start in January. The search for a music teacher has been postponed until spring. Discussion was held regarding the success of the Treadway presentation of Mark Twain, most seeming to view it as good and a different type of production than most of the HOHS events. Upcoming events will be Alicia Mielke with flute and an accompanist on November 17 at 1 p.m. and Santa pictures from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., with the rummage sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on December 7. HOHS expects a full house for the grade school program on December 11, which we understand will include a high school guitar group. Additionally, the combined Harrington churches will present a Thanksgiving service on November 24 at 5 p.m. in the opera house auditorium.

Special council meeting

The Harrington City Council met for a special session on November 5 at 6 p.m. with the following present: Mayor Justin Slack; council members Peter Davenport, Cherie MacClellan and Tim Tipton; Clerk Bunny Haugan; Clerk Trainee Janice Cepeda and visitors Jesse Silhan and Ron Mielke. Proper notification for this special meeting had been given with the stated agenda "Potential Fire District No. 6 Annexation." Mayor Slack presented a prepared ordinance which was available to the council. This ordinance stated the intent of the City to request annexation of the City of Harrington into Lincoln County Fire Protection District No. 6. Discussion was held and a motion was made recommending presenting the prepared Ordinance 500 as a request to Fire District No. 6 to annex the City of Harrington into Lincoln County Fire Protection, Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Services within the city limits. A vote was called and the motion carried 3-0. Tuesday night the Fire District Commissioners will vote to accept or reject the city's request. If they accept, they will send it to the Lincoln County Commissioners. The City will hold public hearings as the process unfolds to keep the citizens informed and allow them to comment. The Lincoln County Commissioners will decide whether to allow this decision to be placed on the ballot for a public vote on February 11. The residents of the county will vote on whether or not Harrington is annexed into Lincoln County Fire Protection District #6, a vote which would affect property taxes.

Chamber of Commerce

The Harrington Area Chamber of Commerce met November 6 at the Post & Office with the following attendees: President Tim Tipton, Secretary Paula Harrington, Cade Clarke, Heather Slack, Saige Wilson, Bunny Haugan, Janice Cepeda, Karen Robertson, Wayne Massey, Kathi Matthews, Jim Knapp, Cherie MacClellan and Jill Barth.

It was announced that the Town Square Project has raised between $35,000 and $40,000 and that Innovia will match $30,000 of those donations. Paver bricks are still available for sale and fundraising will continue. All of the trees have been sold and another bench is promising to be sold. Northwest Farm Credit Services has awarded a $1,000 grant to the Chamber of Commerce which will be added to the Town Square Project account at The Innovia Foundation. Discussion is ongoing as to whether the bathroom facility should be built locally or a ready-made unit purchased and delivered. The benefit of a ready-made restroom is that it will be ADA compliant and built to code, as well as simple to install. Building the facility would require much more work to ensure that codes are met. The current estimated cost of the entire Town Square Project is $80,000, so donations are still needed.

The 2020 Harrington Area Board of Directors are: President, Timothy Tipton; Vice-President, Cade Clarke; Treasurer, Cindy Haase; and Secretary, Cherie MacClellan.

Turkey bingo will be held November 17 at the Harrington school cafeteria beginning at 1 p.m. No Thanksgiving meal plans have been announced as of this meeting.

Twenty Christmas wreaths have been ordered from Betty Warner. Paula, Tim, Cherie and Karen will assemble them prior to them being placed on the doors of local businesses. Businesses are welcome to donate $20 for each wreath.

Activities on December 7 will include HOHS Rummage sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m .; Pictures with Santa in the Opera House lobby from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m .; Vendors at Memorial Hall from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Christmas Tree Lighting and Carolers at 5 p.m. The tree will be decorated by the Chamber. The Tree of Sharing is being organized, gift bags for visitors to Santa and for seniors' baskets are being arranged, and the Lions Club will provide gift certificates. The next Chamber meeting will be December 4 at noon at the Post & Office.

Veteran's program

Another superb Veteran's Day presentation at the Harrington School gymnasium was given November 8, organized by Michael Cronrath. The entire school, along with a number of parents, veterans and members of the community supported this annual program. Kindergarten and first-grade students united in "signing" the Pledge of Allegiance, an amazing sight. Ben Edwards and Michael Cronrath expounded on the service banners and the history of each flag in turn. The second-grade students presented a poem. The music students played America the Beautiful. The fifth and sixth grades proudly sang the national anthem. A very touching video, The American Soldier, was shown, followed by Taps, which brought tears to many an eye. Harrington Heroes were shown and many in the audience were visibly touched by this collection of current, and former Harrington residents who have served, or are serving, in the U.S. military. The list of those names was also printed in the ceremony program, which was handed out to the attendees of the event, and which included over 300 names. Residents or former residents of Harrington who served in the military are encouraged to submit their names to the Harrington School to ensure that their military service is acknowledged during similar ceremonies in future years. An art presentation was also shared before the Star Spangled Banner was sung. The event concluded with the retiring of the flags. Harrington residents and students are blessed to have teachers and a school committed to these great American values. One guest to the program commented on how respectful the children were throughout the program. In Harrington, children know how important it is to honor those who serve.

Sharon Kruger

Harrington students during the Veterans Day program held at the school Monday, left: Lexy Crawford, Riley Roller, Mya Erickson, Nic Clarke, Eric Mooney.

Some members of the Harrington school staff and faculty who participated in the event include the following, in order of their appearance during the ceremony: Ben Edwards, ASB advisor; Taunya Sanford; Sarah Comella; Linda Colbert; Michael Cronrath (emcee for opening comments and event organizer); Justin Ikehara; Charli King; Robert Vierschilling; Ryan Smedley; Faith Oxford; Tiffany Clouse (school principal); and Wayne Massie, (school superintendent). Others were present whose names were not obtained.

The U.S. and Washington state flag bearers were: Zoe Niccolls, FFA vice-president, and Eric Mooney, FFA president. Military branch flag bearers were Kaitlyn Kiser (FFA member), POW/MIA flag; Nik Clarke (ASB president), U.S. Army flag; Mya Erickson (ASB VP), U.S. Marine Corps flag; Lexy Crawford (ASB treasurer), U.S. Air Force flag; Caroline Slack (ASB secretary), U.S. Coast Guard flag. The event program was assembled by Kaitlyn Kiser, Zoe Niccolls and Eric Mooney. The ceremony was photographed by Sharon Kruger.


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