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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

Aug. 19: Erich Hein, Hunter McCluskey, Dean Morgan ♱

Aug. 20: Lynn Richardson, Chris Honey, Ryan Cash, Avery Cash, Lance Johnson, Matt Wagner, Tim Zeiler

Aug. 21: Rusty McGuire, Peyton Smith, Johnathon Cannon, Donna Gamache, Patti Anderson, Tonia Carruth ♱

Aug. 23: Jerry Wahl, Shirley Gunning, Rusty Warwick

Aug. 24: Quinton Withey, Desirae Wagner, Scout Sewall

Davenport anniversaries

Aug. 21: Collin and Lila Woodland

Aug. 22: Tony and Amanda Boggs

Aug. 23: Matt and Kylee Balance

Aug. 24: Doug and Annette Edwards

Aug. 25: Ken and Teresa Vesneske, Andrew and Janie Schreck, Ty...


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