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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Davenport birthdays

March 17: Maetie Harvey, Lisa Semprimoznik, Chance Parker Smith, Dick Wandling, Boone Easley-Cate, Ron Warner, Crystal Sellers

March 18: Colton Jenkins, Kayleigh Phillips, Pauline Drefs

March 20: Don Strate, Rachae’ Pearcy

March 22: Benjamin Hein, Gary Cirullo, Jeremy Buck, Jude Falk

March 23: Zeke Richardson, Denise Arland, Kathy Reinbold, Matt Littell, Owen Telford

Davenport anniversaries

March 20: Todd and Lynne Guhlke

March 21: Chuck and Ann Johnston

Reardan birthdays

March 18: Konnor Hoff

March 19: Benjamin Hedrick

March 20: John Merkel, Candy Rust

March 21: David Neal...


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