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Letter to the Editor; Enticing a riot not a first amendment right, says writer

Inciting to riot not a first amendment right, says writer


To the Editor:

Most of my life I remember that there was a serious penalty for doing or saying things that could cause a riot or serious injuries. It is also deeply imbedded in my memory that we have freedom of speech that I believe has been abused by using these incendiary statements.

During the last decade it seems that our great republic has seen some African-American leaders abuse the law about free speech to the point these words have helped incite riots. These riots appear to be getting larger in scope and longer in duration. Unfortunately, arrests have been scarce. For these ministers and others whose words have been incendiary, the crowd reactions have been very detrimental to the towns, businesses and the people who live there.

I have always believed that a minister was a person who welcomed people to their churches to spread peace and harmony.

I don’t know how these divisive people can overloook the many hundreds of thousands who had their homes and lives destroyed to abolish slavery! Do you think this is the way to repay for having slavery abolished?

Gerald Ray



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