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Elementary school kids learn about agriculture


Odessa's elementary students are still reaping the rewards of the Pep Grant that the Odessa School District received a couple of years ago! The grant funds were all allocated for different projects, purchases, etc. One of the allocations was introducing elementary students to agriculture and promoting nutrition and healthy lifestyles. With the Elementary to Ag Program, students in grades 1-5 get to come to the Odessa ag shop about once a month. During their time at the ag shop the students in the ag leadership classes and ag teacher HaLee Walter teach the elementary students many different components of agriculture.

Their first session was learning about the different layers of soil and the composition of those layers. An "Edible Soils" project was carried out. The different layers of soil include bedrock, parent material, subsoil and topsoil. There are also the decomposers (worms) and litter, which is leaves and decomposing plants. Each student made his/her own cup of soil with edible goodies as the class discussed the importance of each layer.

"This program is wonderful not only because we get to teach the elementary student, but also because ag leadership class members get to do the teaching! This is a great opportunity for the leadership class members to hone their public speaking skills and learn how to work with others" said Walter.

Many other projects are planned for the rest of the year, including Worm Motels, the Eat Smart program from the Dairy Council, seed planting and care and, hopefully, terrariums! "It will be an exciting year at the Odessa ag shop," said Walter.


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