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Letter to the Editor: Illegals lack of rights under the Constitution


To the Editor:

Under the powers of Congress, Section #8, Subsection #4, Congress has the power to make naturalization laws (laws that state the requirements a foreigner must meet in order to become a citizen of the United States). These have been in force for over 200 years.

The amendments to the Constitution were added to protect the rights of citizens of the United States. Illegals are not citizens until they have been vetted through our immigration system.

The 14th Amendment (1868), section #1, states that any person born or naturalized in the United States and governed by it is a citizen. It also states that no state may deny any person under its government equal protection of the law.

A person must be born or naturalized in the United States as a citizen in order to be legally governed by a state unless they are here with a visa, “green card” or other legal document with an end date.

Larry Connelly, USN Ret.

Liberty Lake


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