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Got Pink? team gathers for Pink Ribbon Run


Members of the Got Pink? team gather prior to participating in the Pink Ribbon Run, a fundraiser promoting early detection of breast cancer, at Riverfront Park in Spokane on Sunday, April 23, 2017. Back row: Debra Walter, Jean Starkel, Lynn Allen, Ellen Holman, Vicki Iverson, Charli Moffet, (unknown), Heidi Moffet, Ryan Moffet, Ryan King, Jared King, Terri King. Front row: Dorcey Hunt, Lacy Walter, HaLee Walter, Alyssa Iverson, Austin Iverson, (unknown), Kelly Weber.

Odessa's Got Pink? Team was in full force on Sunday, April 23, for the Pink Ribbon Run, a fundraiser to benefit early detection of breast cancer. The Got Pink? Team was originally formed in 2010 by Kim Todd, who was training for a marathon at the time, and over the years the team has grown to as many as 150 members. Got Pink? has raised over $20,000 and honored 22 breast cancer survivors from Odessa or those associated with an Odessa team member.

As a participant in this race numerous times, my perspective had changed dramatically as I walked into the sea of pink that Sunday morning in Riverfront Park (Spokane). I was profoundly impacted by the power of events like this that have raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research and early detection. Thanks to Susan G. Komen, Every Woman Can and other groups, I had the good fortune of early detection and 3D technology to diagnose my stage-0 breast cancer.

I couldn't help but think of my dear friend Larry (Weber), who is still suffering from six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation to treat his throat cancer and how lucky I was to avoid such treatment. If having the support of friends and family was not enough on race day, my surgeon, who has always been a straight-shooter and not the warm and fuzzy type, waited at the finish line with a big hug for me.

One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer, and it is just a matter of time before another person from Odessa becomes a statistic. Speaking for all the people who have supported Got Pink? over the years, I think it's safe to say, we are all profoundly grateful.

Terri King is an educator at Odessa High School.


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