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By Mo Sheldon
Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center administrator 

Foundation project 2017


The Odessa Healthcare Foundation has elected to purchase an “ER Package” consisting of a GlideScope® and a trauma stretcher. This decision was made on recommendation of the providers and in consultation with our hospital staff to best serve the needs of patients experiencing life-threatening situations.

The Glidescope aids in obtaining an airway for patients that are not able to breathe on their own. This system will allow our providers to see the pathway while placing a breathing tube in adults and children. Using video visualization during intubation (placement of the breathing tube) has become a standard practice in hospitals when emergencies arise. The ability to see into the body via video while intubating eases the most difficult airway placement and provides faster and more effective treatment than traditional methods. In short, the Glidescope allows providers to more quickly and easily restore mechanical means of breathing to patients who cannot breathe without supportive intervention.

The trauma stretcher is also included in the “ER Package.” This enhanced stretcher will provide for higher quality portable images when the patient is not physically able to move onto the x-ray table in the radiology room. It will reduce patient discomfort during the x-ray process when patients are already compromised and in pain. As an added benefit, the stretcher can be used for any customary stretcher needs and is not limited to use only in this special way.

Funds from “Raise the Paddle” will be applied toward the purchase of a new procedure chair for the clinic. These chairs are specially designed to be positioned in many different ways so that the provider can best reach the area in question for procedures like removing lesions, placing stitches or any other minor surgical event.

This “ER Package” will benefit patients when seconds count. We hope to see you at the 26th annual Wine Tasting, Microbrew Sampling and Auction on May 5.


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