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Editor’s note: Most items in this section reflect the starting point for response by local police and emergency agencies. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office does not release names of individuals who report possible criminal or suspicious activities to dispatchers or alleged victims for this column.

Monday, April 24: A responding deputy determined that what was reported as a possible assault at the Davenport skate park (what appeared to be a boy choking a small child) was actually two boys who were “just playing.”

A caller reported three males drove dirt bikes through property in the 1600 block of West Main Street in Davenport.

Odessa police responded to the 200 block of South Division after a caller phoned in concerns that a weed killer that wasn’t organic was being sprayed in the area.

Responding to the 400 block of East 1st Avenue, Odessa ambulance personnel transported an 86-year-old man experiencing knee pain to the local hospital.

Odessa Police and Burlington Northern Santa Fe personnel responded to a report of a semi-truck taking out a railroad crossing arm on Birch Street.

Tuesday, April 25: Deputies investigated a malicious mischief incident involving spray paint applied to the side of a house on Starkle Road North in Almira.

A semi-truck and trailer got stuck and blocked U.S. 2 in Wilbur near the intersection of Division and Portland streets. A tow truck from Ritzville was enlisted to help remedy the situation.

Wednesday, April 26: A Sprague caller reported that metal objects have disappeared from a yard in the 700 block of 2nd Street during the past month.

A Wilbur couple reported being victims of identity theft after someone attempted to change their address to Florida and open cell phone and credit accounts in their name.

About $150 damage was reported to a door and window that were vandalized at the Creston School.

A possible assault involving roommates at a residence in the 10 block of Park Street in Davenport was reported.

Thursday, April 27: A caller reported kids laying down in the street at Seventh and Park in Davenport in an apparent attempt to block traffic.

Deputies investigated a reported trespassing incident on property adjacent to Paul Road near Edwall.

Friday, April 28: A Reardan area caller reported receiving two prank calls informing her of outstanding bills with the Internal Revenue Service.

Davenport firefighters dealt with a propane leak in a shed behind the Care and Share facility.

The Keller ferry was reported down as a result of electrical problems.

A Davenport area woman reported receiving threatening text messages and noticing items were missing from her residence.

Deputies investigated a reported burglary at the Church of the Nazarene in Grand Coulee.

Odessa police and ambulance personnel responded to the football/baseball field where an 8-year-old boy was experiencing dizziness after having hit his head during the previous day. While playing, he had what was described as “a short seizure” and though conscious and alert, he said he didn’t feel well.

Fertilizer was reported to be “gushing” from a semi-truck in the AgLink, Inc., parking lot in Reardan. A responding Washington State Patrol trooper determined that the spilled liquid was non-hazardous.

Saturday, April 29: The Keller ferry was reported to be back in service.

Deputies responded to a property line dispute involving residents on Petrie Lane East in Davenport.

The driver of a vehicle that got stuck in a farmer’s field near Cloverdale and Waukon roads told deputies that he is a Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad employee and was attempting to take pictures of trains moving through the area at the time. A tractor was used to free the vehicle.

A deputy responded to a report of threats being made against a resident of Irby Road North near Odessa.

Debris, including a dresser and drawers, had to be removed from the U.S. 2 roadway near the scales west of Reardan.

Target shooters were believed responsible for starting a small field fire near the Mondovi grain elevators.

No one was reported hurt after a vehicle struck a deer on Harrington Tokio Road just inside Lincoln County.

A tire came off a vehicle traveling on SR 28 near Harrington, disabling it for the night.

A broken stop sign was “leaning and about to fall over” at the intersection of 4th and Alder in Odessa.

Sunday, April 30: Responding to the 500 block of East Spokane Avenue, Reardan EMTs and Davenport ambulance personnel assisted a woman who had lacerated her fingers after reaching in to remove grass from a running lawnmower. She was transported to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

A Bald Ridge Road resident phoned in her concern about a man she hadn’t seen before who was walking on the road carrying a garbage bag. A responding deputy wasn’t able to find him.

A caller asked deputies to find her grown children who had gotten a truck stuck in the area of Lone Pine and Telford roads.


April 24: Rachel R. Ramirez, 40, Milwaukee, Ore., arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for driving under the influence and two felony warrants from Walla Walla.

Richard Vandergriff, Jr., 37, Creston, arrested by LCSO for third-degree malicious mischief (domestic violence) and violating a no-contact order.

April 25: David A. Sugai, 60, Davenport, arrested by LCSO for failing to appear for driving while license suspended.

Arthur L. Osborn, 61, Moses Lake, arrested by LCSO for failing to appear for driving while license suspended and no ignition interlock.

April 27: Ayleana L. Caldwell, 21, Grand Coulee, arrested by LCSO on a warrant for second-degree malicious mischief and second-degree burglary.

April 28: Karmen A. Taylor, 42, Grand Coulee, confined two days by the court for driving under the influence.

May 1: Jennifer R. Booth, 37, Davenport, arrested by LCSO on two counts of possession of methamphetamine and conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

Carlos Plasencia, 30, Spokane, arrested by LCSO for driving while license suspended.

Charles P. Moses, 30, Ford, arrested by LCSO for an ignition interlock violation.

From April 26 to May 1, 10 individuals were held in the Lincoln County Jail under contract with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Court Report


John F. Strohmaier, Judge

Civil Judgment

Michael W. and Sherri L. Frederick (Chiefs Bar and Grill), Odessa, must pay $1,101.24 in taxes owed for February of this year to the Washington State Department of Revenue.

New Criminal Cases

Wanda Lou (Schillinger) Earle, 40, Davenport, is charged with five counts of possession with intent to deliver a legend drug and one of conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to deliver in connection with incidents in Davenport between Dec. 24, 2016, and April 17.

Mitchell Scott Anderson, 28, Davenport, is charged with delivering oxycodone and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver in connection with an April 17 incident in the 1300 block of Logan Street in Davenport.

Doris Ray Loughbom, 56, Davenport, is charged with delivering methamphetamine from a residence in the 100 block of Main Street in Davenport on March 18 and conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine in connection with incidents between Dec. 20, 2016, and April 15.

Evert Kevin (Everett K.) Costello, 55, Davenport, is charged with four counts of delivering methamphetamine and one of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, all in connection with incidents in Davenport between Dec. 20, 2016, and April 15.

New Civil Cases

Gilco Enterprises, Inc., doing business as Davenport Auto Parts (Shane Gilthvedt, owner), seeks from Van Sickle Auto and Diesel Repair (Russell and Elizabeth Van Sickle), of Davenport, the $63,248.86 the petitioner claims is still owing on a September 2016 promissory note for $66,403.88 and a court ruling that would grant immediate possession of collateral property valued at about $20,000.

In an unlawful detainer matter, VRM, for the U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, asks the court to remove respondent Franklin Henspeter from property at 4000 Plum Point East in Grand Coulee that the petitioner acquired at a Jan. 13 foreclosure sale.


Estate of Raelene F. Henning, of Spokane Valley, who died March 23.

Estate of Viola G. Els, of Odessa, who died April 16.

Estate of Marguerite L. Miller, of Spokane, who died April 14.

Estate of Carla R. Boleneus, of Spokane, who died April 6.


Lincoln County Clerk’s Office

New filings: 39 involving persons living outside Lincoln County.


Dan B. Johnson, Judge

Editor’s note: These reports are based on forms filled out by the presiding judge during court sessions and subsequently reviewed by the newspaper.

Daryl Ted Toulou, Wilbur, probation violation (first-degree negligent driving), 3 days jail converted to 30 hours community service.

Charles Michael Wiles, Fruitland, no proof of insurance, contested, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Jeffrey Arthur Wall, Spokane, speeding (12 mph over limit), fined $156.

Jacob Aaron Stickell, Spokane, speeding (21 over), $187.

Thomas Ray Severns, Nespelem, fail to renew expired vehicle registration, $110.

Magan Roepker, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, obstructing traffic at intersection, $110.

James Andrew Roberts, Wilbur, no proof of insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative fee; front shoulder belt violation, $110.

Adrian Rivera Cervantes, Moses Lake, using cell phone while driving, $120.

John Kelley Reese, Ford, fail to light or flag extended load, contested, found committed, $136; no proof of insurance, dismissed, $25 administrative fee.

Kaleb Gene Ralph, Kennewick, Wash., speeding (17 over), $156.

Kelly Lynne Rafford, Hunters, speeding (18 over), $156; no proof of insurance, $350.

Christopher W. Morrison, Mead, violation of posted road restrictions, $275.

Cameron James Luoma, Ford, move unsafe vehicle, $136.

Emma Elizabeth Lodgard, Spokane, speeding (29 over), $259.

Gerald Paul Landry, Ford, speeding (10 over), $110.

Gloria Patricia D. Kersey, Moses Lake, second-degree negligent driving, contested, found committed, $550.

Terry Gale Johnson, Davenport, speeding (10 over), $110.

Anthany Allen Hoskinson, Moses Lake, second-degree negligent driving, $550.

Taria Ann Holcomb, Reardan, no proof of insurance, $300.

Martin Raul Herrera, Boardman, Ore., speeding (15 over), $125.

Mark Allen Haase, Odessa, second-degree negligent driving, $550.

Wysteria Marie Green, Pasco, speeding (20 over), $175.

Jesus M. Gonzalez Linares, Pateros, Wash., speeding (17 over), $156; no proof of insurance, $290; purchase vehicle with foreign plates, $136.

Sandivel Luana Garzon, Burbank, Wash., speeding (10 over), $125.

Teresa Anne Fast, Oroville, Wash., speeding (15 over), contested, found committed, $144.

Tyanna Marie Evers, Davenport, fail to stop at stop sign, contested, found committed, $136.

Robert Lee Cook, Hermiston, Ore., violation of road restrictions, contested, found not committed.

Blair Austin Collins, Moses Lake, violation of posted road restrictions, contested, found not committed.

Fredrick Melvin Charles, Omak, Wash., no proof of insurance, $550.

Taylor Elle Burns, Ephrata, Wash., speeding (29 over), $218.

Dean A. Bradley, Everett, Wash., speed too fast for conditions, contested, found not committed.

Mark William Allen, Odessa, operate vehicle without current registration, contested, found committed, $136.

Property Transactions

Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office

Daniel Lynch, Spokane, to Christina Lynch, Harrington – Lots 11(except east 25 feet) and 12, Blk. 40, Original Town of Harrington, and 1978 mobile home, $0.

Tom (Thomas) G. Burns, Davenport, to Ingham Holdings LLC, Davenport – north 70 feet of east 170 feet of Tract 2, Wilson’s Suburban Tracts, $10,000.

LaVerne F. Moore Revocable Living Trust (LaVerne F. Moore, trustee), Pendleton, Ore., to LaVerne F. Moore (trustee, LaVerne F. Moore Revocable Living Trust, Pendleton, Ore. – one-third interest in portion of Sec. 36, T26N, R39E, $0.

LaVerne F. Moore, Pendleton, Ore., to LaVerne F. Moore (trustee, LaVerne F. Moore Revocable Living Trust), Pendleton, Ore. – one-sixth interest in portion of Sec. 36, T26N, R39E, $0.

Renea Larmer and Roberta M. Maurer (one-third interest), Harrington, to Roderick L. Rieth and Mary Rieth, Sprague – Building only on real estate owned by Riverview Area Association in Sec. 29, T28N, R37E, $40,000.

Dan D. Berry, Jr., Davenport, to Denny Jorden and Rachel Jorden, Davenport – Lots 9 and 10, Blk. 39, Timmon’s Second Addition to the City of Davenport, $235,000.

Kathleen L. Oestreich and Kristy Mielke, Harrington, to James L. Wilcox, Harrington – north 50 feet of Lot 2, Blk. 1 and a 10 by 140 ft. strip on North Line Coombs Plat, Coombs Addition to the Town of Harrington, gift.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. (trustee, Popular ABS, Inc.), West Palm Beach, Fla., to Tanner Gayle and Rachel Gayle, Wenatchee, Wash. – portion of Lots 13-17 inclusive, Blk. 1, Original Town of Reardan, $56,729.

Charlotte A. Cochran (personal representative, estate of Alan L. Cochran), Wilbur, to Charlotte A. Cochran, Wilbur – portion of Secs. 6 and 7, T26N, R31E; Lots 1-7, north half of Blk. 49, 15 feet of vacated Portland Street adjacent to Lot 1, all in Railroad Addition; and 1995 66x28 mobile home, $0.

Robert Simon (Robert D. Simon, Jr.) and Gina (Atkinson) Simon, Sprague, to Seth Wayne Krueger, Sprague – Lots 8-10, Blk. 2, Hewitt and Kinnear’s Addition to the Town of Sprague, $71,900.

Jed Jennings and Ann Jennings, Deer Meadows, to Scott L. Serfling and Debra A. Serfling, Frenchtown, Mont. – Lot 54, Deer Heights Plat No. 2, $212,000.

Kim S. O’Donnell, Spokane Valley, to Gary Oberg and Kristin Oberg, Spokane – Lot 23, Blk. 3, Airport Addition to Seven Bays, $130,000.

Steve Zigan, North Tustin, Calif., to Shawn W. Groh, Almira – portion of Sec. 33, T26N, R31E, subject to easements, $230,000.

Alberto Reyes and Lyndsay Reyes, Odessa, to Sharri L. Proulx, Odessa – undivided one-half interest in south 45½ feet of Lots 7 and 8, west half of Lot 9 and west 14 feet of east half of Lot 9, Blk. 9, Original Town of Odessa, gift.


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