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Letter to the Editor: Writer tells banking story of May 19, 2017


To the Editor:

On my bank’s website it says, “Work with a local loan officer to customize a loan for you.” Oh, I was inspired because I wanted a $2,000 piece of equipment. I love banking online, because all my information is at my fingertips. I spent a few hours printing out personal financial paperwork. However, there also can be some shocking bits of information. Example: I owe WHAT! No, I paid that and I can prove it; let’s follow the website trail. I did.

During this time I was messing around I had signed up for a PayPal business account. It would only cost me $30 a month to be able to have customers use PayPal on my website. I don’t have a website. Maybe I can use it for payment on eBay. While viewing my credit card accounts, I went back to PayPal to copy that statement by showing that I make $100 payments each month. When I clicked on PayPal, I got only the business account. I no longer had a personal account. Does this mean that I am all paid up now with PayPal?

At 10:30 a.m. I dressed nice and gathered my paperwork in a new folder and started out to my local bank to make an appointment with the local loan officer. After greeting the two local women working as tellers, I asked to see the local loan officer to make an appointment. The woman said she would call him. I asked, “The local loan officer is not in today?” She replied, “He doesn’t work here.”

Two minutes later she puts the phone on the counter in front of me. I ask, “What is this for?” She said, “The loan officer will talk to you about loans now.” I looked around, “No, that will not work. I don’t want everyone knowing my business.” There were only the two local tellers in the bank, but it was my business. I ended the conversation by saying I would call the local loan officer and make an appointment at his bank. No confidentiality for me!

Karen Brooks



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